New Covers and Nook (Barnes & Noble) Press

Tonight I uploaded Loving Ashe and Loving Riley paperback files to Nook Press. With Amazon paperbacks of the same books just went live tonight (11/8/18), I guess Nook will approve my paperbacks on Monday. I used B&N’s ISBN’s for both books since they’ll be sold exclusively on B&N. I’ll worry about using my remaining ISBN’s with Ingramspark.

It’s actually pretty easy to set up the paperback files. Granted, I already created my paperback covers for Kindle yesterday, but all I needed to do was adjust the size by less than a quarter inch for each book. It remains to be seen how they’ll turn out though and I’ll order copies the moment they go live.

I do recommend B&N for the ease in setting up the ebook and paperback files. I’m hoping to sell a few copies but at the same time, I need to add the retail links to my websites and social media. I also plan on trying out a hardcover book with Everything She Ever Wanted.

I’d like to order copies from Amazon of Ashe and Riley but that would have to be a full price purchase and I’m not ready to do that. I can get 2 author copies for the price of one retail book and unlike previous books where I’d order retail, this time, I need to save my pennies. I ordered 20 copies of The Replacement Fiance anticipating many people wanting to win it, but after two mentions of it in my newsletter and NO response whatsoever, guess it’s not a popular book so now I have 18 copies sitting in a box and I can’t even give them away.



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