New Ad Copy Yet Again

Ad copy, every author will eventually learn, is very, very important. And since indie authors have access to our metadata and don’t have to go through publishing houses to make changes, it’s easy to tweak the ad copy until you think you got it right.

Anyway, I’m working on revamping the ad copy for my books starting with Loving Ashe. It’s always had a terrible ad copy and that’s because I’ve been using the old-fashioned way of writing description.

Well, I’m going to try something new and this is what I’ve come up with. I call it Hook After Hook After Hook (because I don’t know how else to call it).

We can’t always get what we want.

At least, that’s all barista Riley Eames has ever known.

But when a meeting with her ex lands her in the hotel elevator with rising Hollywood star, Ashe Hunter, she’ll have to decide between taking risks and moving forward or playing it safe and staying rooted to her past.

Can a celebrity romance teach Riley that it’s okay to fall in love again… and maybe even find herself?

So I’m going to start using this and we’ll see what happens. I know I definitely need to use it for my latest FB ads…

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