May Book Promotion

I’m running too many ads right now and it’s driving me crazy that sales dropped in half overnight when I was changing my ads up. Unfortunately, I can’t remember now what I changed so I’m just kinda starting over.

One of the things I noticed after my Bookbub run with Loving Ashe set free is that the sell-through for Loving Riley, while it did get me over 500 sales out of 715 preorders (because apparently you can’t trust that preorder number and celebrate prematurely), DID NOT LAST.  It didn’t help that the BB was scheduled to coincide with the first preorder date of March 30 so when April 26 came (the final preorder date), sell-through momentum was gone. Totally gone.

It also didn’t help that while I did plan on upping my advertising budget to at least $500 for release week, I RAN OUT OF MONEY. I actually ran out of money – I had more month left than actual money in the bank. At least, I had enough money left to pay FB and Amazon for the current month’s billing. But anything else beyond that to take advantage of release week? Nothing.

By the time I did get some money in, it was the second week and by then, I was too gun-shy to up my advertising. Since I didn’t make my goal for February (60-day net means that I’m getting February royalties in May), that meant that my budget for this month is slimmer than usual. So in addition to monthly subscriptions coming due during the first week (Mark Dawson’s course for one which is a whopping $75), I really need to watch every penny. Every. Penny.

Unfortunately, even though I’ve decided to scale down my advertising, it’s not happening. I’m spending more each day now actually and it’s only because my ROI is the lowest it’s been. 160% return for the month alone. Sales really have gone DOWN even as my ad spend is still the same at roughly $50 a day.

But it could also be the current political climate. Congress just voted to dismantle Obamacare and 24 million people, including myself, are probably not going to be covered because of preexisting conditions which include pregnancy and C-sections, in my case. And my son, who is on the autism spectrum. I’d be watching every penny, too, and only spend on the essentials and not books.

Still, I can either just curl up and give up or keep going. So here are my current ads. Some of them are Post Boosts, which I hear are useless but it’s worth a try. If they don’t help raise my ROI, then I will reassess in a week.

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