Lessons in Pivoting or what to do when FB breaks up with you…

There’s nothing like having my Facebook Ad account being disabled for violating rules I have no idea what they are for a book/series ads I’ve been running for months. I’ve read the rules three times now and can’t, for the life of me, figure out what rule I violated. The book in question is also not my steamy romance books. It did come on the heels of me sharing in a private group that I was doing well with FB ads… so that’s one thing to consider after someone told me in a PM that there are many vindictive authors out there who will report your ads. Or maybe my ads offended someone else, like a reader.

But no matter the reasons why, I’ve decided that instead of being despondent (which is a bit difficult as FB is essential to my book sales), I need to take this as a lesson on how to pivot when these things happen.

So what are my options now that Facebook doesn’t want my money?

  1. Write the next book and for crying out loud, stop sitting on it and publish it. It used to be 90 days was the schedule to release new books so people don’t forget you. That “rule” has since changed to 60 days and even 30 days. Authors are now encouraged to release a new story every month.
  2. Your mailing list. Get to know your mailing list again and cultivate them very carefully. Don’t spam them with buy this/buy that stuff though. That would get old fast.
  3. Amazon ads. There are many free resources on how to tackle Amazon ads. I know of other authors who do so well with them that they don’t do any FB ads at all. Too bad Amazon is effed up right now though, but it’s also the weekend. Everything goes crazy on the weekend…
  4. Newsletter sites like Robin Reads, ENT, and others. I’ll update this as I discover them.
  5. Facebook Giveaways. I never fully understood the importance of FB giveaways until this moment but now it makes sense when authors encourage entrants to share the post and tag friends. The reach may not be as vast as Facebook’s worldwide network but there’s still reach where your regular Page wouldn’t have any.

So that’s it for the list, for now. I still need to finish my coffee and maybe practice #1 right now. Write the next book and publish it. But first, I have to calm down first.

UPDATE: So now that I’ve calmed down and had my coffee, I do have the following in addition to the things I pointed out above:

  1. I can’t put all my eggs in one basket. For months, I’ve put most, if not all, of my advertising dollars into Facebook. That’s thousands of dollars since I started in October 2016 compared to what I’ve paid into in Amazon ads and newsletter submissions.



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