Latest Newsletter Imports

My latest newsletter imports are from the last NL promo I did in January/February called Love Our Readers with LoveKissed Promotions for $20.

These are the statistics for that list:


Basically what this means is that from the whole list, I gained 747 new subscribers.  I had 668 already on my list and 510 who had already unsubscribed so Mailerlite will no longer add them.  Two had reported me as spam.

When I segmented the list to separate addresses who hadn’t received a single email from me, I got 727.  That means that while 20 of the 747 of them hadn’t yet received an email from me (I probably got them through another promotion, Instafreebie, or maybe they signed up through my website), 727 hadn’t.  And so in the next few days, I need to send them a welcome letter and cross my fingers that I won’t have a high unsubscribe rate.

In terms of cost, that means that each new list member cost me $0.027.

I’ve only recently begun importing new subscribers into one main list instead of having them on separate lists and then end up sending duplicate welcome emails, especially when those emails are attached to an automation sequence.  Happy to say I’ve since turned off any automation because it was driving me crazy to see people receive up to 12 emails from me within a span of two or three weeks simply because they were on multiple lists.  It was crazy there for awhile.

The master list started out as a test for me to see if I could get my segmenting skills right, and I think I finally have.  To set up a master list, start with one that says MAIN LIST to tell you what it is versus one that is only for INSTAFREEBIE SUBSCRIBERS or some other list you want to keep separate.

I then segment them different ways.

  1. By Giveaway source – this especially if you’re participating in group author promotions to build your list, that way you can remind the readers where they signed up when you send your welcome email.  Most of the time, readers forget and then accuse you of adding their name illegally.
  2. By book they received – this works if I got them from Instafreebie and I set this as a segment within a segment, or if they opted in through my website and received a free book
  3. By date entered into group – when there is no name as to the specific giveaway (sometimes the CSV files sent to you won’t have any identifying information) so I just toggle the column to correspond with the date when I imported them and then update the name of that segment with the appropriate giveaway source

I then segment them again to see if they’ve ever received an email from me.  If not, then that means I need to send them a welcome email.  This reduces the stress and annoyance of receiving so many welcome emails from me especially since I’ve noticed that many people, like the 668 names above, are already on my list from previous giveaways or they’ve opted in through my websites.

I mentioned above that I no longer send automation emails.  Readers can tell if it’s automatic and it’s annoying as hell.  These days I send one welcome email and that’s it.  I may set up a Resend campaign a few days later to give them time to open the email.

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