Latest Ad Set for ESEW – March Promotions with Daily Updates

March 3, 2:22 PM

I started a new ad set for March and this is one of the stock photos I chose. I love the colors which remind me so much of New Mexico and then the woman could easily be Harlow, too.


Here’s hoping this one will work.  It’s currently at $5 right now, I think. Or maybe $10 for the weekend.  I set up 6 different images, 4 of them I’ve used before of Dax/Franggy but I need to get away from Franggy honestly and it looks like right now, this is the winner at 8 clicks versus 2 for Fran who is probably over-exposed at this point.

March 4, 2:48 PM

I turned off 2 of the 6 ads last night.  No clicks and also it’s Fran’s picture again so my goal for this campaign is to see which other graphics I can use that’s not of him but maybe of Harlow and the setting.  People are honestly burned out of seeing his picture and I don’t want to rely on his picture ALL the time.


So from the graphic above, I can see that I get the most clicks on the ad itself on the couple that I posted above followed by Fran.  The actual clicks on the Learn More button are all on the couple image at 5 clicks out of 21 ad clicks.  I probably should turn off Images 2, 3, and 5 because they’re just not performing well at all and focus on Image 6 (the couple) while keeping the old ESEW ad running the way it’s been with Fran.

March 5, 12:13 PM

I switched off all but the one image that has gotten the best results.  These are the current numbers for the March ad which is a huge improvement from yesterday’s $0.26/click.


The other ad results for the same time are below:


March 8, 2017, 2:34 PM

Today’s numbers and we’re getting into the nitty gritty because this is where you really see whether your ad is working or not:

  1. My usual ESEW 4 (“Forty-year-old transplant surgeon…”) ad featuring Fran is getting a lot more clicks overall (any click, not the one that says Learn More) at 8.70% CTR/$0.08 CPC and 4.85% CTR/$0.15 CPC on the Learn More button itself.
  2. The ad featuring the couple which is ESEW March is generating a lower CTR of 5.90% and a higher CPC of $0.14 per click.  The actual Learn More button gets a 4.82% CTR and $0.17 CPC per click.
  3. Loving Ashe ad is at 5.58% CTR/$0.08 CPC on the ad itself and 4.10% CTR/$0.12 CPC on the Learn More button itself.
  4. Boosted post has the lowest performance rating at 2.35% CTR/$0.46 CPC on the ad itself and even lesser performance with the Learn More button at $5.11 PER CLICK TO THE AD ITSELF which translates to 0.21%. I am literally throwing my money away on this one.

So things to do right now is to end the Boosted Post and save that money towards Collateral Attraction.  This is the boosted post, by the way, and the problem is that since it’s an anthology, that means at 99 cents, the royalty of 33 cents is going to be split 15 ways.

The goal really is visibility but I’m not sure if a boosted post is the answer right now.  The original budget was $20 for 14 days but that’s still money that could be used in other ways and there’s a question of other authors pulling their weight in promoting the box set or not AND if it’s too early to push the product to them in the first place since it doesn’t release until May 30.  Shouldn’t we push this closer to the date instead?

I have posted the prologue on this blog, tweeted and shared on FB as well as Wattpad and honestly, that’s as much as I can do at this point without teasing the readers too much and turning them off.

March 23, 10:39 pm

I ended up turning off the ad because its performance dropped like a rock a few days later. I’m not using the same one that has been doing well for me, ESEW 4 which directs people to iBooks more. I wasn’t aware of where they were going (I had 4 sales yesterday on D2D and only 2 on Amazon) until this morning and turned the boosted post back on where it says ESEW is now available on all platforms.

I’ve had 12 sales so far, thank goodness.

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