Is It My List? Or is it Me?

I trimmed my mailing list from 13k to 7k and when GDPR hit, to 1700 subscribers. These were the subscribers who either a) responded that they wanted to remain on the list b) who signed up recently after GDPR forms were implemented and c) a minority who slipped between the cracks during the culling.

You’d think that my click rates would be good, like 30% and up…

The first one is only an hour old so I really can’t say it’s going to remain at 6.21% but the ones underneath it, sent once a month or twice when I had a new release are still pathetic. The high clicks usually happen when there are mentions of a free book(s) or a giveaway. That’s pretty much it.

I’m tired of mailing lists. I know they’re important but I don’t know if it’s me, the list itself being not the greatest or the carrier, in this case Mailerlite, whose reputation for Spamhaus went into the toilet when someone marked them as spam. I don’t know. But they were being used by many of the Amazon authors who are now banned from Amazon – and also those who aren’t and are on the top of the Amazon charts and even have books published by Amazon imprints.

I still have Mailchimp and will be sending an email to the subscribers left there. But I’ll wait until Tuesday when Friends with Benefits releases. It’s only 125 or so but it will be interesting to see the open and click rates compared to Mailerlite. In the end, it’s not the size of the list, it’s their performance.


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