In His Heart is Officially Live

I released In His Heart, a Finding Sam novella 3 days ago and so far, it’s… okay. Not great, but not too bad either. It started at #26 in its subcategory on the first day so not too shabby.


It’s dropped all the way to 60K in the whole store in the last two days but I sent out a newsletter today and it’s at 33K and #32 in its subcategory. Because it’s a novella, it falls under short stories which is a broad genre by itself.

By late afternoon, my rank did get better, probably after subscribers began opening their emails.

By evening, the book went up a few more points but that’s about it. And it also showed up in the top 3 New Releases chart.

One of the things about this whole publishing business is that you gotta have a plan. I didn’t have a plan for this one so there are no ads, no nothing. It’s also a novella attached to an existing book so it’s not like I could call it a standalone. I’m sure someone out there knows how to market this thing but I sure don’t and wondering how to tackle it beyond the occasional tweet and FB post is a time suck.

One of the things I’m not used to with this book is that everything is through Pronoun. Through Pronoun as the aggregator, a 99 cent book gets 69 cents versus 35 cents if I go direct to Amazon. But the disadvantage is that I don’t see the sales on my dashboard and so I have to wait for the next day’s sales numbers to appear like I do with Draft2Digital. Probably good so that I don’t stress over nonexistent sales numbers with this book.

So now I should really stop worrying about it and write Jordan’s story as well as Gareth’s. And then there’s Sage which is turning into a hopeless case and I really need to excuse myself from the private Kindle Words group and ease my suffering.



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