I Should Be Writing…

…but instead I made a cover.

It’s supposed to be for someone’s book that I decided to do for fun, to see if I could interpret her description of a bacteria that a woman created that came out wrong (thanks to a colleague who tampered with it) and now, instead of eating oil, it’s eating everything on the planet. Or something like that.

She was looking for ways to make her current cover better so instead of suggesting she tweak or that (the others already took care of that), I decided to give myself the challenge to create one for her book. I also needed the distraction from writing Jordan’s story. Somehow I’m still stuck at 27K words and it’s going a month now.

There are three stock images that make up the book cover and I probably spent three hours on it when I planned on spending an hour only. It’s still not as clean as I’d like it to be but I think it kinda tells a story, doesn’t it?

The author actually liked the concept and wanted the PSD files for it so she could tweak it for herself. But I can’t give it away or even sell it so it can be tweaked because the standard license allows me only to sell the finished product. If I sold her the PSD files to tweak, then I’d need an extended license. This is important for me to know because that means technically I can’t tweak existing pre-made covers that I buy… yikes!

Anyway, it’s something I need to consider – making covers to sell. This actually isn’t bad although it’s tough to sell this as a premade because… come on, bacteria in the background? They look like giant worms haha

Okay, I’m going back to writing.

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