Holiday Release Performance

Today The Replacement Fiance released at midnight and other than an announcement on Facebook. Twitter, and my blog, only one or two fellow authors shared my FB post. I did have a few ads lined up and here they are:

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 9.14.22 PM

This was taken at 9:14 pm and I had just raised my budget to $10 in the afternoon and upped the bids on certain keywords and now the budget is spent.


This is a boosted post so not the best use of my money and I’m also not using a graphic that has a picture of my book cover so don’t know if I’ll keep this up tomorrow. But out of 63 “post engagements” there were 16 link clicks.

This one only had 93 preorders which worked out okay since none of those early preorders can help with rank in the store on release day. So I was actually hoping people would wait until the book released before buying it then.

Current ranking as of 9:22 pm is:


Since my AMS ads spent their budget and the other hasn’t been approved yet, I guess my rank will drop from here on. I don’t know if people are buying from FB but after the initial $30 that I’m spending, I’m going to let it all be AMS ads from here on while writing the second book in the series.

That’s where I failed with this experiment. I should already have had the second book on preorder for 2.99 but I didn’t. Oh well. I hope I’ll get the second book done by November 17 which is when I need to put it on a free promotion and at the same time have the second book at 2.99 already.

Fingers crossed.

Still, it’s a good experiment so far. The Replacement Fiance is about 32k words and it’s a sweet holiday romance that I’ll probably expand as I go after the holidays. For now, the priority is writing the second book in two weeks and getting it done.

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