Giveaway Results

I participated in two Instafreebie giveaways in October – the first cost me $50 and the second was free.  I got 1034 sign-ups for the $50 one and 801 for the free one. But before you think I did well with increasing my mailing list, once I inputted those names to my mail list provider, I ended up with estimated 500 – 600 new names.  The rest?  Duplicates and unsubscribes.

Duplicates and unsubscribes.

This were the results of 1028 “new” subscribers added.
This one makes me laugh. They marked me as “spam” but the moment there’s free, “oh goody! let me get the free book!”


Mailing list growth is a numbers game, nothing more, nothing less.  You suck it up and you keep growing your list.  You don’t take unsubscribes personally, even though you just gave them a book you slaved away for at least two to three months over, paid for a cover, editing and heaven knows what else, and in a stroke of their finger, they get it for free – free and clear. Wham, bam, thank you, Ma’am.

But it’s a numbers game so you tell yourself it’s part of the game.  If you don’t like it, then don’t play.

December marks my first year with Instafreebie.  And honestly, I’m tired of seeing people get one free book after another.  At the same time, I can’t blame the readers.  There are just way too many FREE books out there, so why not?  And after one free book, there’s bound to be more from that same author.  Just today, not only did I correct the Finding Sam file those 1800 people downloaded in October with the correct one, I offered them my latest short story.

I hate doing it, but I tell myself it’s a short story.  Soon, reviews will crop up, many of them, I’m sure, revealing the surprise about my heroine and rating it with 2 stars because it’s “too short.” I’m just waiting.

Free isn’t even appreciated, but it’s the new rules of the game.  Maybe because there’s just so much competition and all the top slots on the bus are taken.  So everyone else fights just to stay on, even if it’s way in the back.

But I’m pretty much done with Instafreebie.  I’m going back to organic subscribers.  If you like my books and if you think you’d actually want to follow me, you’re the type of reader I want.  If you feel my work deserves a dollar or two of your hard-earned money, you’re the reader that I want.

Coming into 2017, my mailing list will be slow, but I’m tired of playing the numbers game.  Find me at the back of my books, sign up and you belong to a list of subscribers that are primarily organic, not the one that’s all about free books and nothing else.

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