Fussy Librarian Free Promo

Today is a free promo for Finding Sam on Fussy Librarian.

Here’s a closer look. It’s under Romance and it cost me $5 to have the title listed.

I forgot to check my stats this morning because I was busy making Ripl videos for Drazen World but while checking my aggregate stats at 1pm, I noticed that Finding Sam was ranking high in the Amazon Free Store.

And it made it to #3 in its subcategory.

Because the book is with Pronoun, I cannot see the live stats–like how many copies have been downloaded–until tomorrow. And even then, they’re SO late with reporting with so many delays so I can’t even really trust their numbers anymore. What matters is that hopefully there’s sell-through to Finding Sam Part Two and In His Heart.

You’re probably wondering why I have this book for free and aren’t I devaluing my work by doing so? Didn’t I spend a long time to write it? Isn’t it special?

Yes, it is a special book (like all my books), but like any marketing decision, I’m also looking at the long game. I mentioned “sell-through” and that means that even though Finding Sam Part One is free, I’m hoping that people will buy Part Two for $2.99 and if they really are hooked on the story more, maybe they’ll continue with In His Heart, which is Olivia and Josh’s story.

In the past, I used to give away my books for free all because the “gurus” told me it was the best way unknown authors could get discovered. Well, if you only have one book, it’s not a good marketing decision at all because once that reader gets to finish reading your book, there’s nothing else for them to buy if they like it. Worse, if you don’t have a sign-up to your mailing list at the end of the book, also called Call to Action or CTA, then they don’t really have any way to find you either. I see this all the time in new indie books and sometimes, in the second and third books they release. It’s as if they don’t want the reader to find them. The words “get to” is italicized above because sometimes people just grab the book because it’s free but it could be a year before they even crack it open to read.

However, if you have another book, a sequel–or even better, three or more books in the series–then that first book that you gave away for free is your loss leader. It’s why printers are so cheap when you buy them because companies make more money from the ink that you’ll need to use the printer.

Does that make Finding Sam Part One a loss leader? Yes, it does. And that’s okay. The story runs over 132K words and after offering it as a full book for three years, I finally decided to split it into two books. Why it took me so long I don’t know but it’s also the first time I’m actually feeling proud of it, and I mean that in a marketing mindset. I was just never ready to deal with marketing it because I dedicated it to my late best friend who lost her battle with ovarian cancer.

Anyway, it remains to be seen what happens tomorrow. Sales have been inconsistent that I’ve given up checking on my stats. It says I sell X number of books but the sales amount doesn’t compute. It’s always less than what I’m supposed to be earning and I’ve stopped trying to figure out WHY. Just hustle harder. That’s the name of the game.

And before I go, here’s the final look before I call it a day.


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