Five Book Promotion Tips for the Holidays

A goldmine of information for writers during the holiday season can be found here!

Date Consumer Mindset Authors Should
November 25th –
Black Friday
Bring on those Black Friday deals babyI’d rather shop online than wait in line with the crazies

I need to check my email every hour so I don’t miss out on any new deals

  • Send an email on this day
  • Discount titles to free or 99c
  • Offer two for one deals on physical books from their website
November 28th –
Cyber Monday
Please do not disturb, I am shopping the best online dealsOooh, another email from Amazon, I wonder what this hour’s lightning deal is?
  • Discount titles to free or 99c
  • Send customers to Amazon, where everyone will be shopping
  • Run ads in deals newsletters that will hit inboxes during the day
December 21-23rd –
Shipping Deadlines
Oh shit, what am I going to get Aunt Anne? It’s too late to ship anything and I can’t/won’t brave the mallWhat can I buy online that can get delivered in time for Xmas?
  • Send emails reminding readers that ebooks are the perfect gift that requires no shipping
  • Use last-minute and stocking stuffer language
December 26th –
Boxing Day
I’m so sick of my family, I’m going to spend the next 4 hours redeeming all these Amazon and iTunes gift cards I just gotThe best deals are after Christmas! Super sales here I come
  • Run ads promoting your book to get a share of the gift card redemption dollars
  • Email your readers reminding them that they can redeem gift cards for your books
January 1st –
New Years Day
I am so hungover, I am going on my couch all day and stare at my phoneIt’s the New Year, time to work on my resolutions for this year
  • Post to social media, email your readers and pay for placement online
  • Use resolution messaging in your copy, ex: Is it your NYR to read more books this year? I can help you get started

Oh, and don’t forget, Amazon owns the holiday and most people shop mobile so if you’re running ads, optimize it for mobile!

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