Feeling the Effects and They’re Not Good

I only had 3 sales yesterday since my FB ad account was completely deactivated without recourse. That’s the worse sales day since October 2016 and it’s worrying. I submitted ESEW at full price for a newsletter promo and they’re refunding me my fee because they can’t accept it unless it’s a lower price. But how much lower can I go?

If I go to 99 cents, I get only 35 cents per sale and that means for fees that run as high as $60 to $80 for promos and I have signed up for 3 of them for LA that total $155 now, I need to sell 444 copies to break even. But because there’s a book 2 with LR, there’s the potential for sell-through, something that ESEW does not have and so I cannot lower ESEW’s price. I’m basically throwing money away if there is no sell-through to the next book.

Too bad the next book is hung up on Chapter 7 because of summer crap. Right now, it’s 7:25 in the fucking morning and the kid has been up since before 7 am and crawled into bed at 3 and so I’ve been awake since 3 am. So no writing because he’s shouting his head off while watching his crappy youtube shows. We’re supposed to go to the zoo today and I will be cranky as hell because I haven’t slept, written or sold any books to break even on anything.

I’m also bleeding fucking money at this point, something I won’t be having with sales numbers like yesterday – three books sold. That’s crazy.

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