Email Marketing for Authors

A link to check out about email marketing for every author out there!

Email Marketing for Authors by Written Word Media

A few things I liked:

Now that you have subscribers, you need to communicate with them. We recommend setting a schedule for when your emails will go out and what you will include in each email. You don’t have to email your readers constantly to be effective. Start with monthly emails that highlight the following sorts of topics:

  • New book releases
  • Upcoming releases
  • Tours
  • Blog posts
  • Share your writing journey, make it personal
  • Special sales and promotions
  • Instagram pics of things that are inspiring you as a writer

Recap but you really have to read the whole article to learn a ton of amazing tips!

  • Email Marketing is the best way to reach your readers because you own your email list.
  • Setting up an email list is hard work, and has a learning curve, but if you can stick to it, you will be rewarded.
  • Acquiring new subscribers requires a variety of techniques such as social media marketing, paid marketing, effective use of eBook backmatter, and giveaways.
  • Your emails should have short subject lines, clear subheadings and only a few images.
  • Your emails must be mobile-friendly
  • Measure success by the quality of your list, not the quantity of subscribers. You measure quality by assessing the open rates, click rates and conversion rates of your subscribers.
  • Email marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Plan to invest time, money and resources into building and engaging your list.


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