Cautious Optimism… With Reason

Two days ago, Facebook broke up with me. Specifically, the Ad Manager. They said my ads violated policies and turned them all off without telling me what I violated. When I created new ones, careful to make sure that I wasn’t knowingly violating anything, they disabled the Ad Manager and suddenly NO ads were running for any of my books at all.

As a romance author, it’s no joke when I say that Facebook is where most of my sales come from. I’ve seen it before I implemented FB ads (hardly-there sales) and when I did implement them (whoa! Sales!). It forces me to have one or two ads running at all times, no matter what.

The absence of the Ad Manager meant I had to look at other avenues to boost sales, and if not boost sales, increase visibility. That’s really what those ads are about anyway. Increase visibility. Sales come after.

One day later, I received an email saying they’d turned my Ad Manager back on, still with no explanation what prompted them to disable it anyway. While I can advertise my other books, LA ads are all still turned off. In fact, all my ads for ESEW were also turned off as yesterday. I suspect most of them were from campaigns that were turned off BUT the ads were still on. Precaution? Maybe, but I still can’t get any ads or boosted posts for LA approved.

Did someone complain about seeing the ads too often? Did I have so much crossover with my target audience even though FB does the targeting to make sure there is no crossover? Did I violate a policy about selling sex and prostitution, alcohol or cigarettes? Was my landing page glitchy and thus rendered unavailable?

Who knows?

I’m forced to look at my sales dashboard now as my new normal without FB ads. I still have sales, thank goodness, because of ESEW ads, but it’s no longer the same as before. Sure, I’ve got boosted posts for ESEW but LA was my main seller and has sell-through to LR, which is more important. ESEW is a standalone book until I come up with a damn follow-up.

Today, I created a new post for LA with a new image and boosted it. The ad copy is different with the same links and we’ll see what happens.

UPDATE: within ten minutes of writing this, the ad was denied and the ad account disabled. Why? I have no idea except that the book has been flagged for some blatant violation I know nothing about.

Oh well, I need to move on. Seriously.

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