BookBub Ads

I got approved to do BookBub ads last month but hadn’t gotten around to setting one up until last night. I’m doing a budget of $50 for 13 days starting today, June 3 and ending on June 15. This is my ad:

I need to set up another one for Loving Ashe and this is the image I made for it so far:

I haven’t set up Loving Ashe yet but after checking my budget and making sure I’ll have enough funds to tide me over until the 15th, then I can set one up. I actually need to sell some of my things to add to my ad budget since I’m raising it this month. It’s already close to $1500 and last month my ROI was only 200%.

It’s not where I want it to be which is at 300% and up ROI like the month before but it’s just been weird. The world is crazy and I don’t blame people for pulling back on extra expenses like books. Still, life has to go on or the bad guys win.

I’m looking for ways to lower my ads especially for FB where I’ve probably used up my audience there and also just focus on one series to advertise. It’s difficult to advertise 2 series(es) because that’s 2 ad budgets to handle, technically. So it’s going up this month with the addition of Bookbub and there’s also AMS which is under $5/day at the moment for Collateral Attraction (no traction there at all though).

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