Beyond FB Ads

I scheduled these promos after Facebook disabled my ad account the first time. They’d end up disabling it two more times and luckily activating it again after I emailed them asking why. They never gave me an answer but when it first happened, I figured I’d put my ad money elsewhere to the tune of $175 (from the transactions I remember).

Robin Reads: $60 (I would need to sell 161 units to break even at 0.35 royalty per book)
BargainBooksy: $80 (I would need to sell 288 units to break even)
LoveKissed: $15 (22 books sold to break even)
LitRing: $5 (14 books)
LoveKissed (NEED): $15 (22 books)
TOTAL: $175 (500 books total to break even at 35% royalty per book)

Let’s see what happens. I’m writing this around 10:50 am and will update below with the final numbers. I don’t even spend this much on my FB and AMS ads, just saying…

Verdict so far: it does NOT look good. 

Loving Ashe was supposed to be promoted on BargainBooksy at its regular price ($2.99) back in July 30, but because I had scheduled a 99 cent sale on August 14 because Robin Reads was available (and I wanted to try them out to the tune of $60 after Facebook disabled my ad account and I freaked out), it was then moved to 8/14. I also scheduled Love Kissed Author Promotions for this and with Robin Reads and Love Kissed newsletters having gone out before 10 am and with only 28 sales (this includes a bump in sales from my own newsletter sent out at 4am), let’s say my $60 to Robin Reads was better spent on Facebook or AMS ads on a FULL PRICED book.

Robin Reads
Love Kissed email post

Bargainbooksy just confirmed their post via email after 10 am so it remains to be seen how that does. That cost $80 and honestly, it’s money best spent on AMS and FB ads next time. Honestly, if I’m spending close to $180 in one day for these newsletter “boosts”, the only worthwhile one is really Bookbub. I could have just handed them my money and called it a day. Instead, this is a very expensive lesson learned.

Bargain Booksy listing which is placed towards the bottom of the email. Easily lost after people go through about 10 other books before they see this one.
Ranking close to 11 am

And then there’s Need, my Drazen World novella discounted to 99 cents for the month of August by Kindle Worlds (I have no control over this) and so I signed it up for Bookzio which came out today but the rank hasn’t budged so that’s a fail.

Bookzio’s email post
Ranking as of 10 am this morning. No change.

It’s going to be featured by on 8/18 so we’ll see how that goes. That’s a free listing by the way – and this goes for Bookzio as well, courtesy of my KDROI add-on.


Amazon: $18.31 (65 sales)

D2D: $6.06

TOTAL: $24.14

Loss: -150.86

FINAL VERDICT: If I’m doing any newsletter promo, I’m better off saving for a Bookbub OR just advertising steadily every day via FB and Amazon. Also, be quiet in the forums. Don’t ruffle any feathers and keep writing and publishing more books.

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