Advertising Updates

The time has come for me to redo my advertising for Celebrity, the series, beginning with Loving Ashe. The old versions just aren’t working anymore and ever since I pulled the books from Kindle Unlimited and put them wide, they’ve barely sold copies. Or if they have, I have not been able to figure out my iTunes dashboard.

It’s not the usual for me and with none of the ads working I need to re-evaluate. I also need to make new ads, or at least boost posts.

So this is my first version of a re-do for the series:

No more of my usual “a barista searching for the truth…” but an all-new way to look at advertising. I also need to use new graphics and with that in mind, the goal is simply to catch the reader’s attention and get them to click on a link. As long as my book pages are the best they can be, let’s hope they’ll actually buy the book.

I also revamped the ad copy of one of the ESEW ads:

I also just made 4 different ads for ESEW. Same wording as before as it’s the only thing that really defines the book unless I can think of something else and I’ll edit it later. But for now, we’ll see how this new targeting will work, which is a lookalike audience of my mailing list.

Here’s one of them that doesn’t use Franggy:

I’m really hoping this one takes off. My sales totally went down from last week’s boost from somewhere I don’t know. This is what I get for not writing down any of my promos. But it could also be a random boost from someone who added me to their newsletter. I will never know but I’m grateful. I just wish my ads could sustain such a boost but then my bank account can’t.

There’s this one with a more emotional ad copy:

Wish me luck!

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