Ad Placements

Today, while deciding whether to buy We Own the Night by Corinne Michaels, I decided to see whose books show up at the bottom where the paid ads go. I couldn’t remember if I had added her name to my AMS keywords or not, or if I did, if I inadvertently turned the ads off because I was kinda starting over with my ads in September. I’d just bought Dear Bridget I Want You by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward yesterday so now that I’m on a tight budget and need to make my Kindle Unlimited subscription work for me more (after not reading a single book for a year while I was subscribed to it at $10/month), I figured I’d check it out a bit more.

Well, I scrolled the ads at the bottom instead and found two of my books among the 17 ‘pages’ of ads. My bids for these two ads are probably between $0.16 – 0.18 and it I’ve just begun another ad just with Corinne Michaels’ keywords and We Own the Night at $0.25. We’ll see how that goes.

We’ll see how that goes.

I’m not doing that great on ads in general right now, at least, not with AMS ads. I have FB ads that I think are doing okay although they’re not doing Loving Ashe/Loving Riley books any good for wide sales. I got one sale yesterday for Loving Ashe and that’s after 2 – 3 days of no sales at all for both books with the wide vendors.

I’m going to announce that Loving Ashe/Loving Riley are going into KU for the holidays and it is what it is. We’ll have to see what happens then. Will it increase its income from what I’ve earned so far with it in the past year? Or will it not?

My theory is that KU will help it, if I’m doing ads across the board, whether it’s AMS or FB or doing promos KU promos for it. Cross my fingers!

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