90 Days of KU


Guess Loving Ashe and Loving Riley are officially back in KU including the book bundle, Celebrity. Let’s see how Loving Ashe (it’s the entry book so that’s more important to track. People won’t buy Loving Riley unless they’ve read Loving Ashe first) fares for a month in detail, and the last two months, I’ll do a summary of the income.

For comparison, here are the sales numbers (thereabouts) of the last month when it wasn’t on KU.




Pronoun (which distributes to Google Play and also the Celebrity bundle wide)

Celebrity series sales for September
Loving Ashe sales on Google Play for September
Loving Riley sales on Google Play for September


10/1: $33.34 royalties/NOT YET IN KU

10/2: $8.18/NA (in KU)

10/3: 0/(1157 pages) 4.95

So far, totally unimpressed… I dread to see what the rest of the 90 days will look like.

10/4: 4.08/4.17

10/5: 2.74/6.61

Before I post 10/6 numbers, I’d like to post what the last 30 days looked like for Loving Ashe and so far, my decision to put the books into KU looks really depressing. Royalties are almost nonexistent and KU reads are slow slow slow. But given that my recent calculations for the year so far puts Amazon sales at 75% of overall sales over wide retailers, it’s still too early to say this is a dud.

10/6: 2.04/8.32 (I am seriously doubting my decision to go exclusive…)

10/7: 2.31/6.39

10/8: 6.49/2.46

10/9: 4.35/6.55

10/10: 4.08/8.26

10/11: 4.08/7.09

10/12: 0/4.49

the last 30 days for Loving Ashe. Definitely more sales same time last month PLUS sales on iBooks which are now gone because I’m exclusive 😦

10/13: 2.04/4.27

10/14: 2.04/5.62

10/15: 2.04/8.80

10/16: 2.31/9.48

10/17: 0/5.24

10/18: 2.04/6.22

10/19: 4.78/15.68

10/20: 5.05/10.37

10/21: 7.79/11.81

10/22: 12.57/7.57

10/23: 2.74/8.55

For the month so far for Loving Ashe, this is what it looks like:

10/24: 0/5.80

10/25: 10.25/12.53

10/26: 11.48/5.48

10/27: 6.84/5.48

10/28: 7.15/2.74

10/29: 12.24/10.00

10/30: 16.11/5.48

10/31: 12.67/2.26

Total: 360.61

11/1: 9.76/2.74

11/2: 10.28/2.74

11/3: 9.11/0

11/4: 5.73/0

11/5: 16.33/5.48

11/6: 11.55/2.74

11/7: 8.07/2.74

11/8: 6.74/8.22

11/9: 18.38

11/10: 10.06/2.24

11/11: 7.34/2.74

11/12: 6.49/2.74

11/13: 10.96/5.48

11/14: 6.10/0

11/15: 6.08/0

11/16: 2.43/0

11/17: 11.47/0

11/18: 7.99/0

11/19: 2.75/4.48

11/20: 1.87/0

11/21: 5.51/0

11/22: 8.72/2.74

11/23: 4.90/0

11/24: 4.75/0

11/25: 7.14/0

11/26: 16.91/0

11/27: 9.59/0

11/28: 7.17/5.07

11/29: 7.35/0

11/30: 7.36/3.64

TOTAL: $303.69

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 9.41.29 PM

I don’t think I’ll be doing December because all I have to do is look at the year so far to see that while it’s good to have KU reads, sales are nonexistent some days (pink). Far cry from what the numbers are before I put the book and its sequel into KU.

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 9.32.14 PM
Pink represents SALES of books while blue represents KU READS.

Anyway, the series ends its KU run on January 1, 2018 and it’s probably never going to go back to KU after this. It’s not like I haven’t done ads for it like I have the previous months when it was wide. Nothing much changed with the advertising and I even added AMS to the mix but nope, instead, I sold less in that I didn’t have the added sales from other retailers which would have made up for the difference.

Here is the full year with Loving Riley and the 2-book bundle included:

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 9.55.42 PM
The peak you see is the release of Loving Riley at $2.99 in April.


So the post-mortem so far.

Once in KU, your royalties (actual copies sold) go down while KU reads go up. But considering that KU only pays an average of $0.0043 per page, I was only getting $1.95 for Loving Ashe (424 KENP) and $1.75 for Loving Riley (417 KENP) compared to about $2.78 each when people bought the ebook.

For the last three months of the year, Loving Ashe and Loving Riley combined made me from October, November, and December: $566, $505, and $544 respectively. On average, it’s $125 less because I had no sales from the other retailers.

It’s only $125 because I’m using the figures from the previous quarter after the sales of Loving Riley and its tail died down.

So now, January 2 as I write this, Loving Ashe and Loving Riley are now back on iBooks and I got to post them direct without D2D. Now it’s time for Kobo and see if I can tackle Google Play because I could not figure that one out. For B&N, I’ll be going through D2D.

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