Need – A Drazen World Novella

NEED - no more excuses (1)


It’s a match made in heaven…or is it?

But as long as I know the stakes
that Jonathan’s heart will always belong to someone else
and that what we have is nothing more than a simple arrangement
between two broken people,

I’ll teach him everything I know.
My submission to his domination.
No strings.  No commitments.

We’ll both get what we need from each other
…until the day he won’t need me anymore.



Need – A Drazen World Novella is best read after completing the Submission Series by CD Reiss and it’s the story of Jonathan Drazen and Monica Faulkner.  It’s the first novel in the Submission series featuring Jonathan Drazen and Monica Faulkner and right now it’s one of four novels in The Alphas: Four First Loves by CD Reiss and it’s free everywhere for a limited time.

Four Alpha Obsessions.
Four novels.
Four ways to fall in love.