If you love well-written, beautifully conflicted chick-lit, you’re gonna love Liz Madrid’s book. She brings to this adorable, yet serious, yet light-hearted romance a deep humanity that defines the novel and its author.  Discover Ashe and fall in love with him the way I did and then see how hard it is to find that love, trust it and fall in love again.

Mary L. Tabor, Author of The Woman Who Never Cooked

Very interesting reading: engaging plot, well-developed characters and awesome writing style. One of those stories you need to read in one sitting because you can’t just stop! Liz… is indeed a talented writer, who knows exactly how to hook her readers. Highly recommended.

Ana Simons, Author of Silent Signs

(Everything She Ever Wanted) is one of the best stories I ever read (and I read a lot) and in a setting I hadn’t seen in a novel before.  I love that Harlow is much older than Dax and how this affects their relationship.”

Mary Fahey, Author of The New Year Baby

“Finding Sam isn’t a lighthearted read… The story is written in Sam’s point of view, and to me, one of the most chilling parts of the story is the matter-of-fact way she relates the horrible things she has suffered, as though they were nothing extraordinary…. Sam drew me in and made me care, enough that I wanted to slap her silly sometimes, but she earns everything she gains.  A deeply emotional experience.”

Beth Carpenter, Author of The Choices Series

“Miss Durano crafts a beautiful landscape, relatable characters you’ll root for, not to mention hot scenes. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll feel every emotion there is within the first few chapters of this book and will continue on until the very last page.”

Michelle Jo Quinn, Author of Confessions of A Wedding Planner, Book 1 of the Bliss Series