Holiday Engagement Series


Two sisters. One brother.
Three fiancés.


(Mariah and Logan)

After learning that her ex-fiancé will be spending the holidays next door to her parents’ home, the last thing florist Mariah Peters wants is for him to see that she’s still single two years after they called off their wedding.

And so she comes up with the perfect lie… that she’s engaged.

Too bad the man she hired to pretend to be her fiancé is grounded on the other side of the country and can’t make it in time.

Enter friend Logan Garrison who volunteers to be the replacement. After all, that’s what friends are for, right?

But that’s before a practice kiss changes everything…


(Forrest and Summer)

A broken engagement.
A heart afraid to love again.
A romance no one everyone saw coming… including the one-eyed dog.

Two weeks after breaking off her engagement to her Silicon Valley business partner, a forgotten reservation to a rustic cabin pops up in Summer Avila’s message box. Too late to cancel it, she figures some time alone to “find herself” just might be in order, even if it’s on Christmas Eve.

But when she meets mountain guide Forrest Peters and his one-eyed dog Bodhi, finding herself is the last thing on her mind… not when Forrest is everything she never thought she wanted in a man. He’s domineering, intense, and sexy as hell… even with all the mountain man vibe he’s got going for him.

For Forrest Peters, Summer’s arrival awakens parts of him he’s hidden away after the last woman he loved made him choose between her and the mountain that has become his refuge ever since his days as a Marine scout sniper. Since then, he swore never to open his heart to any woman ever again… certainly not one from the city who doesn’t even know how to light a wood stove or when to use their high beam and the low beam headlights.

But with sparks flying between them, how long will Forrest’s resolve to stay away from Summer last when his heart—and even his one-eyed dog—clearly know what he really wants?