Her Lucky Charm

“Did we or didn’t we?”

That’s the million-dollar question when I wake up next to Kodiak “Kodi” Donovan the morning after a mutual friend’s St. Patrick’s Day wedding.

Forget that he’s one of the hottest bachelors in Manhattan, a billionaire, and as the founder of the nonprofit ReBuild to Heal, a philanthropist to boot.

And so we agree to go on with our respective lives and pretend nothing happened (at least, I do).

Too bad my walk of shame ends up getting plastered all over social media and the next thing I know, I’ve become #onenightstandroxy and the butt of endless Internet memes.

To make things worse, my job as an ICU nurse is in jeopardy, thanks to some morality clause attached to my employment contract.

Suddenly whether we did it or not is the least of our worries. To save my reputation, the only other question becomes…

should we or shouldn’t we just take it all the way?