Falling for Jordan


One night. One man. And then they’d go their separate ways.

At least, that was her plan…

Some one-night stands are just that: one-night stands… but for transplant physician Addison Rowe, it means a baby nine months later and a story she’s stuck to about being a single mother – by choice.

Besides, after last year’s scandal involving her colleague, Dr. Harlow James, Addison’s got a professional reputation to protect.

But when Jordan O’Halloran returns to New York after a year spent building schools in Southeast Asia, Addison will need to decide whether maintaining her reputation is more important than finding true love.

But first, she’ll have to navigate through a maze of family expectations (and her own) and an ex-girlfriend who hasn’t yet let go of her first love.

This book is a lighthearted standalone story that follows after Everything She Ever Wanted featuring Dr. Harlow James and Dax Drexel. It runs at 50K words and has a happy ending with no cliffhangers.

I hope you’ll enjoy Addison and Jordan’s story.

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