Date Night: A Steamy Short Story Collection


Since when did love stories only belong to the young? 

Did they have to end the moment one got married, had children and got saddled with a mortgage?

Sometimes, Esme forgets… until Evan reminds her that some love stories are meant to last forever.

Other stories in this updated collection

His Present

In Finding Sam, we’re introduced to single mother, Sam Martin, and community doctor, Erik Maystrom, who meet while jogging on the Strand in Manhattan Beach.

The Things that Matter

Billie and Heath are the main couple featured in Collateral Attraction, a romantic suspense novel that pits Billie Delphine, a small-town shopkeeper, against aloof all-work-and-no-play CEO Heath Kheiron. The events in this short story occur right before the epilogue of that book and was originally offered as a bonus download.

Private Lessons

Ashe and Riley are one of the main couples featured in the Celebrity series and they have their own duet, Loving Ashe and Loving Riley. Now and then, they come back for an encore and this is one of them.

Playing Hooky

It’s been six months since the birth of their twins and Dax and Harlow from Everything She Ever Wanted are in need of a vacation—even if it’s technically a work vacation three hours away. But every minute counts on this getaway and Dax and Harlow will make every moment count.