Celebrity Books 1 & 2

A barista in search of the truth.
A Hollywood star yearning for authenticity.
One fateful meeting that will send them on a journey of self-discovery
and one unexpected romance.

2-Book Bundle includes 6 bonus short stories

Kiss Here, Mr. Hunter (Riley)
What He Knew (Ashe)
If I Love You (Riley)
Private Lessons (Riley)
Barbed Wire (Gareth Roman)
Snag in Time (Millie Eames)


After four weeks of filming in the Australian outback, he wasn’t scheduled to arrive until tomorrow morning. But instead of being at home getting everything ready for his arrival – maybe a homemade breakfast, for surely he’d be tired from all the jet lag, not to mention, the filming itself – here she was in some swanky members-only hotel standing in front of a door marked 402, biting her lower lip nervously. Why Lady Chantilly picked a hotel that she and Ashe were members of as the venue for her last lesson, Riley would never know, and as she stood in front of the door marked 402, she couldn’t help but feel like a high-priced hooker.

What had possessed her to go to someone for sex lessons in the first place, lessons she could have learned on her own or with Ashe? Since being with him, she’d already learned so much, though Riley had to admit that she was still shy at times, which seemed to turn him on even more.

Still, she had wanted to surprise him this time, and so she had requested lessons. But what new lessons could she possibly learn about making love or, as Lady Chantilly said, satisfy all of his inner desires? How could someone who didn’t know Ashe personally know what his inner desires were? Did all men’s desires come in one size? Were there other ways that she had yet to know about going down on him? Different positions even? Though given their last foray into the Kama Sutra days before he left for Australia, that last position had made her laugh so hard she strained a muscle and couldn’t walk straight for days.