The Current Line Up and an Excerpt #teasertuesday

So here’s my current line-up for A Different Kind of Love series for the year so far. Thank goodness, I finally remembered Campbell and Caitlin who got accidentally set aside when I was writing Mariah and Logan’s story and I was about to start writing Forrest and Summer’s (16k words so far). But common senseContinue reading “The Current Line Up and an Excerpt #teasertuesday”

The Kiss #teasertuesday

“Well, good night, you two lovebirds. Don’t cause a racket,” Dad says as Mom starts pulling him toward their bedroom playfully. “Let them be, honey,” she says, winking at us. “I’m sure Logan knows what to do.” “Mom!” But even as I protest, I know it’s useless. If their goal was to embarrass prim andContinue reading “The Kiss #teasertuesday”

A No-Date Date #teasertuesday

“You look… stunning,” Campbell says as we stand in front of each other, fidgeting. How long have I been standing at the door without saying a thing, too busy thinking about him and his blue eyes… and his abs? “Thank you.” “Why the boots?” I look down at my two-inch knee-high boots. “Anything wrong withContinue reading “A No-Date Date #teasertuesday”

Just One #teasertuesday

I hand Tyler to him who doesn’t protest one bit, his attention riveted by the house in front of him, his eyes wide. Biting my lip, I take the keys from his hand, and with trembling fingers unlock the door. Sawyer follows behind me as I step inside and the first things I notice areContinue reading “Just One #teasertuesday”

Just Us #teasertuesday

This time, Dax doesn’t answer right away. It’s as if he’s probably wondering how the hell he can get himself out of this crazy woman’s bed as fast as he can and get a real woman in town instead, someone with no silly baggage like yours truly. “God, Dax, I’m so sorry I messed thisContinue reading “Just Us #teasertuesday”