Just One #teasertuesday

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I hand Tyler to him who doesn’t protest one bit, his attention riveted by the house in front of him, his eyes wide. Biting my lip, I take the keys from his hand, and with trembling fingers unlock the door. Sawyer follows behind me as I step inside and the first things I notice are the plants. They’re in planters right inside the south-facing windows and another one in front of the living room and kitchen. I recognize herbs and vegetables like kale and broccoli, snap peas and green onions.

“This is amazing,” I whisper as I stand in the middle of the living room with its stone floors and adobe walls, some of them inlaid with the glass bottle bricks he was telling me about earlier. Sure enough, they reflect light from outside and cast different colored hues on the opposite wall.

“I’m glad you like it, Al. I hope you’ll enjoy it here at the Willow,” he says as he guides me through the house, telling me about the features common in Earthships like air vents that I’ll need to open during the day to allow hot air out and shut at night, as well as the solar power panels, a water filtration unit, and a recirculation unit for the planters. There’s a washer and dryer that runs completely from converted solar power, as well as a full kitchen setup with a stove and oven, refrigerator and microwave, and a big-screen TV. Other than being located in the middle of nowhere, it looks just like a regular house. Just a tad quirky but beautiful.

By the time he hands me the lease to review and sign, I’m in tears.

“Oh, Alma,” Sawyer murmurs as he pulls me against his chest with Tyler sandwiched in the middle. My body is wracked with sobs that I can’t stop, like a dam finally breaking.

“I’m so sorry, Sawyer. I don’t mean to be so emotional like this.”

“It’s okay. I’d have been offended if you didn’t feel anything. I worked hard on this thing,” he whispers, chuckling and I’m grateful for his sense of humor. In his arms, his manly scent envelops me, reminding me of the ocean blended with sage.

“Maybe it’s all that sage everywhere,” I say, sniffling as I pull away. Can I be any more emotional? It’s just a house. “It’s cleansing the hell out of me, that’s for sure.”

“Maybe,” Sawyer says as a truck pulls up next to my SUV. “That should be Todd. He’s going to help me unload the trailer.”

“Oh, he didn’t have to, Sawyer,” I protest. “I can do that.”

“We both wanted to,” he says. “Seriously, Alma, just tell us where you want the stuff and we’ll put it there. No questions asked. The Villier brothers are here to help.”

“Oh, Sawyer, with words like that, you’ll have women lined up from the main road for days,” I say, laughing as I wipe the tears from my face. I’m happy for the change between us, as if we’re back to the way we’ve always been. Friends.

“Nah, no women. Just one.”

I laugh just as Todd knocks on the door, asking if anyone is home. But Sawyer’s not laughing as he watches me. He’s serious.


Just Us #teasertuesday


This time, Dax doesn’t answer right away. It’s as if he’s probably wondering how the hell he can get himself out of this crazy woman’s bed as fast as he can and get a real woman in town instead, someone with no silly baggage like yours truly.

“God, Dax, I’m so sorry I messed this up.”

“No, you didn’t,” he says, pushing a lock of hair behind my ear. “Look, why don’t we start over?”

“Start over what? I mean, in what way?”

“Like this.” Dax lowers his head and kisses me softly, his tongue brushing along my top lip. It’s a kiss that sets the butterflies in my belly fluttering. “Don’t think of anyone else. Right now, there’s just us. You. Me. And no one else.” His words alternate in between kisses, and I can’t help but sigh at the sensations that engulf me.  “This is all about you, Harlow.”



Teaser Tuesday: Loving Riley

“You keep asking me to show you the real me, all of me, even when he’s been here the whole time,” Ashe began. “You keep insisting you need to see the man that I used to be when I was with her, even when the man that I am now is the man I want to be. I’ve been made a better man by your love, but that doesn’t seem to satisfy you.”

Riley looked up, her blue eyes meeting his as her brow furrowed. How beautiful she was in the early morning light that filtered through the blinds, he thought. Ashe brought his hands up to her neck, his fingers curving at her nape, his thumbs stroking her jaw.

“This is me, and this is who I am with you. I will never be any other man but this.” Ashe bent his head and kissed her, just brushing his lips against hers before pulling away. “I would rather let you go than destroy you more than I already have, and I’d rather sell my soul to the devil than show you the man that I was: arrogant and cruel because I didn’t know then what I really wanted. That part of my past will remain in the past, even if it means not having you in my future.”


#TeaserTuesday Elevator


“I’ve got you, lass.”

The words escaped his lips before he could stop himself, his Yorkshire accent back in full throttle after almost twelve hours of speaking in his acquired tongue. He was tired, by God, and all he wanted was time alone where he could think about what he’d just done, and accept the consequences. But then, there was this new development.

The damn elevator was stuck.

Official #Launch for Everything She Ever Wanted and #TuesdayTeaser

Today is the official launch day of my novel, Everything She Ever Wanted.  It’s the culmination of work that started around April this year, which makes it a seven-month journey.

True, it tackles the overused older woman-younger man trope, the “cougar” on the hunt, and while it’s something some readers and reviewers apparently are tired of, there’s one thing I know about my style of writing:  Anything close to my heart isn’t written to market.  I write to heal invisible wounds and answer questions I never stop asking.  And that’s why this book is special to me, and I hope you enjoy it.

To learn more about Everything She Ever Wanted, click here.