Musings Over Coffee: Spirit of the Wild Horse

I’m on Facebook reading a post by Judy Barnes who runs Spirit of the Wild Horse in Northern New Mexico and feeling heartbroken. She provides water for American mustangs who go to her ranch for water and right now, she’s got none at all. She relies on donations to replenish water for the horses whoContinue reading “Musings Over Coffee: Spirit of the Wild Horse”

“Right Through the Tire Hole” (Trigger Warning)

This one got me. I was about fifteen or sixteen when I heard the sounds late at night, waking me from my sleep. The sound was replaced by voices but the sounds returned again. Curious, I crept down the stairs and saw what was happening. It was my mother telling her married lover that sheContinue reading ““Right Through the Tire Hole” (Trigger Warning)”

Holiday Musings: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Personal)

So I’m pretty much done with holiday gatherings this year. This weekend, I drove about 250 miles from one end of Los Angeles all the way to San Diego, through traffic, getting lost around DTLA while picking up the oldest son, and then the next day, missing the pay kiosk on the toll road. Me:Continue reading “Holiday Musings: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Personal)”

You Do You, Judith Newman #BoycottToSiri

I first heard about this book last summer from its narrator whom I met at a book signing and after learning that I was, in general, about 95% of the time, a stay-at-home mom to my son with special needs, she told me about the book she narrated that was amazing and that I shouldContinue reading “You Do You, Judith Newman #BoycottToSiri”

The Best Valentine’s of All

Today, my next door neighbor asked me if she could give my 7-year-old a big long hug.  I said yes, and then afterward, she hugged me.  She said she’d lost her dad this day ten years ago and they’d just had his memorial at the beach.  As we parted ways, I remembered something my lateContinue reading “The Best Valentine’s of All”