Near Dark and Passages

I woke up this morning to the news that one of my favorite actors passed away.  Bill Paxton starred in Apollo 13, Aliens, Titanic, Twister, and my all-time favorite cult classic contemporary vampire movie, Near Dark (1987).

It’s an independent film directed by Kathryn Bigelow, who would later win an Oscar for Hurt Locker, and stars Adrian Pasdar, Jennie Wright, and  Aliens alum, Lance Henriksen,  and Jennette Goldstein.

I remember seeing this movie at the same time The Lost Boys and it bombed in the box office. Then we rented it (VHS days) and I probably replayed it so many times. There was something about the story that grabbed me, the anti-heroes who manage to wring out some empathy out of you even as they wreak havoc wherever they go, and the power of family and love.

If you like gritty vampire fare (not the ones who glitter), this is worthy to check out, but the clip below is an extra and contains spoilers. And as always, Paxton has so many wonderful lines.

Thelma and Louise – You Gotta Have Friends Blogathon

Thelma and Louise is one of those movies that has stayed with me since I saw it for the first time, and not because of Brad Pitt whose role as the charming thief, JD, is one of the first things some people remember the most.  I was enthralled by the women’s friendship from the very beginning, the differences between them and the secret that Louise kept for a very long time, just simmering inside her.

There are so many images I can never forget, from that of Thelma and Louise posing for what we now call a selfie looking Instagram-perfect in one take…

to that last scene…well, before the screen fades to white.

It’s a movie about the enduring power of friendship and probably where the acronym BFF (Best Friends Forever) was born.  It’s the story of meek Thelma who goes on a road trip with tough waitress Louise and how, one night, they end up in a bar and one of them gets drunk and is about to get sexually assaulted (or is, I can’t remember the specifics) and the other one does what comes automatic for her.  She shoots the man dead, and knowing it would be difficult to justify the act as self-defense, suddenly both friends are on the run and the only man who appears to be on their side is Harvey Keitel (terrible when I don’t remember the character’s name, but it IS Harvey, right?).

Things go from bad to worse when their plan to drive to Mexico and use up Louise’s life savings goes south (without them in the literal sense) because they run into thieving JD who steals every penny.  The girls are on the run but even as they go from those cute and fun-loving friends taking that Polaroid selfie in the beginning, their friendship only goes stronger until the very end.

Like, literally – the end.

Sorry, spoilers.

But really, guess you gotta have a BFF somewhere who’ll not only help get you into trouble, but bail you out of jail – and even bury the body.

You Gotta Have Friends Blogathon