Everything She Ever Wanted is LIVE (and other news…)

Everything She Ever Wanted is now out on AUDIO as of today and I’m so excited! And I’m so happy to have found Melissa Moran and Joe Hempel to voice Harlow and Dax respectively. They’re amazing narrators and I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with.

AMAZON: http://getbook.at/daxandharlow
AUDIBLE: http://adbl.co/2yWlc3K
ITUNES: http://apple.co/2inMol5

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In other news, Falling for Jordan has been pushed back to November 3. It’s the earliest date that was available per the publisher/aggregator and I apologize for the delay.




It’s 1:13 am as I write this and I should be in bed. But I’m proofing an audiobook and so far, I have to say I’m enjoying it. There are places where I laugh out loud, and some places where I almost tear up. There are places where I bury my face in my hands because the couple’s about to do the nasty and I am blushing because I usually don’t listen to steamy audiobooks.

And then I remember it’s mine.

Yup, Dax and Harlow are coming soon to an Audible nearest you!


The Book My Soul Wanted To Write

Today, someone posted this question in an author group I’m part of: If you had to choose only one of your books, (I know it’s like choosing between your kids), which book would you say is your favorite? And why?

It took me less than a few seconds to know what my favorite book was.

“Everything She Ever Wanted. After hubby asked me to stop using ‘his’ married name as my author name, I swore my next book under my maiden name would be a hit, and while writing it last summer, it was the book that wrung out everything I was feeling inside – desperation, sadness, loneliness – but also the happiness I found in the one place I found it (NM). It’s the story my soul wanted to get out of my system and I remember how calm I was when release day came because everything just felt right, typos and all.”

I love all the books I’ve written but this turned out to be the book my soul wanted to write, hoping I’d get the message.

I’m working on it, soul. I’m working on it.

A rare Harlow only teaser which is also one of my favorites.

Have you read my books? What’s your favorite? Why?

A (Slightly) New Look!

I finally got around to rebranding Everything She Ever Wanted to fit my current author brand. Other than my Loving Ashe/Loving Riley books which have a specific design to them for now, I wanted the rest of my books to use the same fonts for the title and author name and Everything She Ever Wanted was lagging (well, so is Collateral Attraction but that’s a post for another day).

So finally I had it done and I love the new look. Except for making him less red like he was in the original, the photo hasn’t changed – it’s still Dax on the cover (via cover model Franggy Yanez) but what a difference a change in font and color can do! And the text layout.

Read the first chapter FREE!

I didn’t do the rebranding; James at Goonwrite.com did just like he’s done for most of my covers. If you’re an author and are in need of good covers, James is your guy.

Oh, and here’s a new teaser I created for the book. I love my Ripl app and I really need to use it more often!

A Special Gift

One of the songs that inspired Everything She Ever Wanted, was New Mexico by Dorian Spencer. I must have heard it around 2007 or so and I bought it and saved it into my iPod. Whenever I’d feel down, I’d listen to it and it always made me smile. Some songs are just like that – they make your heart and soul happy, and Dorian Spencer’s New Mexico surely did.

Last week, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to see if I could find a video of the song on Youtube so I could link it from the Inspiration page I’d created for Everything She Ever Wanted. Alas, I couldn’t find anything online except for a sample from Dorian’s website. Then I figured that I’d drop him a note to tell him how his song helped inspire my book’s setting. If anything, I wanted him to know just how much I appreciated him and his song.

Well, tonight he sent me this and gave me permission to share it:

Hope you guys like it!


A Writer’s Muse

From Lang Leav 

Of all my heroes, Dax Drexel is the top readers’ favorite over any other character I’ve written before. He’s a master carpenter and woodworker with a show room on Seventh Avenue, thanks to his father’s business acumen. He’s blue-collar, rough around the edges, and fun in a wholesome, non-drama way like the rest of my heroes. It makes him my one true muse, one who came to me formed, not because I wanted him that way but in response to a heroine I’d written first.

Unplanned and organic. Unexpected yet perfectly timed in his arrival–and departure.

What about you? How does the Muse come to you? Planned? Unplanned? Plotted? Or does he/she the type who runs with scissors?


A few months ago, I met the singer-songwriter who inspired Dax and Harlow’s story, Everything She Ever Wanted, and after summoning the courage, I asked for his permission to use the lyrics of his song for the epigraph of my book. What’s the worse thing that could happen, right?

He said yes, and he also signed a picture for me. I just wish I had the book with me because I would have had him sign that, too.

Fast forward a few months later when a reader wanting to purchase an autographed paperback so she could have cover model, Franggy Yanez, sign it, too, asked me if I would want him to sign a book for me as well. After much thought (I really thought she was joking), I said yes and that happened today.

Thank you so much, Leizel! Now I just have to temper my excitement as I await for the book to arrive in the mail 🙂

Top picture is from Franggy Yanez’s Instagram stream and features all the other books he’s a cover model for. Happy to see Dax in such amazing company.

Sunset Over Gallup

I saw this on a New Mexico group I’m a member of on Facebook and asked for permission to share these beautiful pictures of today’s sunset over Gallup, New Mexico.  I’m completely enthralled by the colors and need these to inspire me for the next book in the Different Kind of Love series!

The photographer says all she did was sharpen the colors and that was it and I believe her.  Sunsets are gorgeous over in New Mexico.

Isn’t that sunset just gorgeous?