His Next Role (Book Teaser)

He has yet to tackle his most challenging role: himself. https://t.co/1EvkR6vlsB #bookboost pic.twitter.com/i2VA8R9PCW — Liz Durano đź“š (@Lizdurano) April 12, 2017 Can I just say that I love making teasers? For this, I use Ripl which is available for IOS and Google Play. Want to get caught up with Ashe and Riley? Start the seriesContinue reading “His Next Role (Book Teaser)”

Book Review: The Disappearance of Ray Delgado by J.C. Cauthon

I follow J.C. Cauthon‘s blog and downloaded The Disappearance of Ray Delgado when she first announced its release a few weeks ago. I had no idea what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised to find it an interesting and fast-paced mystery with a touch of sci-fi. The story starts with Jake recounting the disappearance of hisContinue reading “Book Review: The Disappearance of Ray Delgado by J.C. Cauthon”

His World (Loving Riley Excerpt)

By 6:20 the car was already parked downstairs, its engine idling as Ashe carefully navigated through the snow piled on the sidewalk. As soon as he slipped into the warm leather interior, Lance was telling him how his day was shaping up—phone interviews between rehearsals, signing glossies to send out to fans requesting an autographedContinue reading “His World (Loving Riley Excerpt)”

It’s Gonna Be An Amazing Weekend!

I woke up today to notifications that Stuart Reardon (my cover model for Loving Riley and former pro-rugby player) posted my latest book on his social media accounts. Loving Riley (Book 2 of the Celebrity Series) by Liz Durano @Lizdurano Photographer: @franyanezphoto pic.twitter.com/doBtvQU8rD — Stuart Reardon (@stureardon) April 7, 2017 Add my weekly walk withContinue reading “It’s Gonna Be An Amazing Weekend!”

Musings About Literary Trails – Yorkshire

“This is certainly a beautiful country! In all England, I do not believe that I could have fixed on a situation so completely removed from the stir of society.” Source: Literary Trails – Culture | Welcome to Yorkshire Nope, I’ve never been to Yorkshire although it’s high on my bucket list to visit. And today,Continue reading “Musings About Literary Trails – Yorkshire”

It’s March FREE Book Blast!

Welcome to the March FREE Book Blast! Get your FREE reads and enter to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card! Download some or all of the featured FREE books and hopefully discover a new favorite author! These sales/opportunities are only available for a limited time only, so please double check the price before you purchase.


A few months ago, I met the singer-songwriter who inspired Dax and Harlow’s story, Everything She Ever Wanted, and after summoning the courage, I asked for his permission to use the lyrics of his song for the epigraph of my book. What’s the worse thing that could happen, right? He said yes, and he alsoContinue reading “Autograph”

Coming Soon: Falling for Jordan

Say hi to Addison, Jordan, and baby Piper! This is the stock photo I absolutely fell in love with and had to write a story for.  That image is on two other book covers but I DON’T CARE.  Well, maybe I will when it’s closer to release day but I freaking LOVE that baby!  AndContinue reading “Coming Soon: Falling for Jordan”