The Reviews Are (Coming) In!


“…still loving Ashe” 

I am in love with this series and these characters… I loved the narration (his voice melts me like butter). Loved the twists in the storyline, the sweet romance and of course the HEA…

“Great voice brings the story to life” 

This book was the second in the series and the story takes up just where we left off in the first and didn’t disappoint. plus the narrator’s voice captured my mental image of Ashe perfectly and I can’t wait for the next in line in the series. 

“Riley and Ashe…”

Ashe and Riley have overcome so much. The secrets revealed in this book were so worth waiting for. I loved the characters determination. The storyline has heartbreak, perseverance, love, humor, and vengeful ex-lover. Martin John Hopkins is the perfect voice for this book told from Ashe’s point of view. I really enjoyed his sexy accent.

It’s been a few weeks since the audio narration of Loving Riley was released and the reviews are coming in. If you’ve left your review, thank you so much. I hope you enjoyed the story. If you’d like a free copy to review, let me know in the comments and I’ll send you an Audible code which you can redeem.

You can listen to the sample here.


The Muse… Er, Loving Riley is LIVE !

Yup, Ashe Hunter, er, Loving Riley is finally live on Audible and Amazon.

I’m still waiting for the link to show up on iTunes (which I hear may not last too long – but only because Apple will be splitting it to three (Books, Music, and TV,  which I thought was the way the app was structured).

This is the third audio narration of my books, the other two being Loving Ashe and Everything She Ever Wanted. This was also the one that probably took the longest for me to find the right “voice” to be Ashe mainly because when I wrote the first book, I already had his “voice” inside my head and nothing else would do but something close to that voice. Deep, intense, and smooth as “chocolate drizzled… over a lover’s skin,” if I remember the first book correctly.

Talk about being too close to your muse, right?

If you’d like a promo code (good only for Audible US and UK) for Loving Ashe or Loving Riley (or both since you need to have read Loving Ashe to get Loving Riley), please let me know in the comments.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering if Loving Ashe and Loving Riley are romance, they fall more under the umbrella of Literary Fiction. It has drama, angst, romance, and mystery. So, no, it’s not a genre romance at all.

A Loving Riley Preview

Look what’s coming (very) soon!

It needs one more approval but it’s basically ready to go and I’ll have free Audible codes for you to redeem very soon. So if you want a copy of Loving Riley when it goes live and the first book, Loving Ashe, let me know in the comments!

Teaser Tuesday: Loving Riley

“You keep asking me to show you the real me, all of me, even when he’s been here the whole time,” Ashe began. “You keep insisting you need to see the man that I used to be when I was with her, even when the man that I am now is the man I want to be. I’ve been made a better man by your love, but that doesn’t seem to satisfy you.”

Riley looked up, her blue eyes meeting his as her brow furrowed. How beautiful she was in the early morning light that filtered through the blinds, he thought. Ashe brought his hands up to her neck, his fingers curving at her nape, his thumbs stroking her jaw.

“This is me, and this is who I am with you. I will never be any other man but this.” Ashe bent his head and kissed her, just brushing his lips against hers before pulling away. “I would rather let you go than destroy you more than I already have, and I’d rather sell my soul to the devil than show you the man that I was: arrogant and cruel because I didn’t know then what I really wanted. That part of my past will remain in the past, even if it means not having you in my future.”


Musings Over a Late Cuppa: A Book Birthday and One Sizzling Hot Read

I feel like it’s my birthday – without having to tell anyone how old I am. In this case, it’s the birth of a book although it’s really more a culmination of two years of hard work, from the time I started writing it around March 2015 until its release date today. Forget that there was at least a year in between where it sat in that virtual drawer and almost got tossed out of the hard drive.

It’s here and I want to say thank you for buying a copy, reading my blog posts about the whole drawn-out process of getting this book out, and more importantly, still being here. That’s probably the most important thing, especially if you’re reading this. You’re still here!

Thank you!

Just to document the day, I’d like to add a few screenshots so one day when I look back at all this, I can say, “you know, it did make it to blah-blah-blah…” even if whoever I’d tell it to would probably roll their eyes and say, “Can you stop already?”

I spotted it making its rounds on Apple iBooks Paid bestsellers:

Spotted it sitting on #1 in New Releases on Amazon

It’s currently sitting at 8k ranking in the overall Amazon store and #8 in… wait, those things actually don’t matter as much as the book is finally out and you’re still reading this.

So, yup, happy book birthday to me.

So what do I now that the book is done and dusted and out there in the wild? Not Disneyland – nope. Been there, done that, bought the annual pass.

I’m reading and you know what’s on my paperwhite at the moment and has me riveted and ready to worship at the feet of CD Reiss?

This. This… this!

All I can say is, holy moly, but this is one sizzling hot read! So hot I might need to light up and I’m not even done yet – and I don’t smoke.

Where is Prince Charming? #teasertuesday

There are 21 more hours left before Loving Riley lands and here’s hoping that Amazon will deliver the right file to all your Kindles! Same with iBooks and other retailers…

I still can’t believe it’s happening!

Loving Riley Teaser: A Blast from His Past

“How do you know her?” Riley asked him as they stood outside, Ashe smoothing her coat over her shoulders. “And what did she mean about me being vanilla?”

“I’ll tell you when we get home,” he said as Dave parked in front of the restaurant and the attendant opened the passenger door for them.

Inside the car, Ashe seethed in silence. Of course, Catriona had to catch him right at the bottom of the stairs where everyone could see them together and even take photographs.  He wondered how soon it would be before the pictures were uploaded online and if anyone would remember the days when he and Catriona were regularly seen together at the same event, no matter how discreet they’d been. Who was he fooling?  Of course, someone would remember, if they knew where to look.

Ashe belatedly realized that, while he knew almost everything about Riley, she knew little about him; nothing much about his life after he’d left the family farm at eighteen until the time when he and Isobel Reign, his Sentience co-star, had dated and split up the previous year.

Riley knew nothing about the time when he’d been a struggling actor, when he had done things he now regretted doing—some that got him right where he was now.

Well, That’s About It

It’s actually not a bad thing. It just means the ebook files for Loving Riley are now being finalized for publication. I had already uploaded the final file two weeks ago but Amazon officially locks down the file three days before publication date so what you have on file at this point is what the readers will get, especially the ones who preordered (thank you, guys!).

When I saw this today, I felt this huge sigh of relief. A year and a half of constant self-doubt finally ending with eight words (twelve if you include the bottom line in blue).

Ever since I uploaded that final file, I’ve been in a sort of bubble, like I still can’t quite believe it’s really happening – Loving Riley is finally getting published. I couldn’t even do Facebook takeovers and giveaways like they tell you to do if you want to treat this whole thing as a business. I couldn’t even pretend to be rah-rah-rah happy and giddy that it’s finally happening. Just like it doesn’t even matter that I have four copies of the paperback in my house sitting in a box (which means the book’s as good as published); in my head, they’re four books that no one is currently judging whether they’re good or bad.

Another huge sigh of relief.

Sometimes I wonder why I put so much emotional and psychological energy into a book, still agonizing over every little detail long after the book’s been written, from cover design to the choice of cover model to heaven knows what else I can think of – and still not be happy. It’s only a book – a story, I want to yell at myself. It’s just like the last one I wrote, Everything She Ever Wanted; although that book wasn’t as emotionally taxing as this one. Still, from baring emotions I never thought I’d put on paper, borrowing money for the exclusive image that I knew was the perfect person to represent Dax (and a good marketing decision short of finding a shirtless man) to changing my trinket-buying habit so I could funnel money to advertising, it was still a book I cried many silent and real tears over.

Just like this one.

Most of all, the journey of these last two books taught me to treat each book as if it were my last. It’s a morbid thought but it’s as if time is running out and whatever I want to say I need to say it. Whatever stories I need to write (for my heart not for the market), I need to write them. Life is short.

So Loving Riley is finally getting its close-up. It’s only taken a year and a half of self-doubt. Sometimes I ask myself if I’m being melodramatic about the whole thing because it is only a book. But it is what it is. There’s a huge piece of me in my books, and Loving Riley carries within its pages my self-confidence, my love affair with storytelling, and my heart.

And that’s about it.

His Next Role (Book Teaser)

Can I just say that I love making teasers? For this, I use Ripl which is available for IOS and Google Play.

Want to get caught up with Ashe and Riley?

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His World (Loving Riley Excerpt)

By 6:20 the car was already parked downstairs, its engine idling as Ashe carefully navigated through the snow piled on the sidewalk. As soon as he slipped into the warm leather interior, Lance was telling him how his day was shaping up—phone interviews between rehearsals, signing glossies to send out to fans requesting an autographed picture, and phone calls with Betty, his publicist. Ashe knew it was show time again.

He was back to being Ashe Hunter, the actor, around whom the world revolved, while his world lay sleeping upstairs in a warm bed that he wished he’d never left.

Loving Riley, Book 2 of the Celebrity Series

Preorder Loving Riley
Release Date: April 26

It’s Gonna Be An Amazing Weekend!

I woke up today to notifications that Stuart Reardon (my cover model for Loving Riley and former pro-rugby player) posted my latest book on his social media accounts.

Add my weekly walk with friends, it sure is shaping up to be an amazing weekend! Hope you have a good one!


Musings About Literary Trails – Yorkshire

“This is certainly a beautiful country! In all England, I do not believe that I could have fixed on a situation so completely removed from the stir of society.”

Source: Literary Trails – Culture | Welcome to Yorkshire

Nope, I’ve never been to Yorkshire although it’s high on my bucket list to visit. And today, while receiving my first one-star review for Loving Ashe on Amazon (I’m good though – don’t worry), I decided to check out the reviews on Google Play since as of yesterday, I discovered that I had 44 reviews there. Who knew that Amazon isn’t the only place that people actually take the time to leave reviews?!

This morning, Loving Ashe got a few more and one of them said this:

What I love about this is that she mentions where Ashe Hunter grew up – Reeth in North Yorkshire. Not a lot of readers mention Ashe’s beginnings when they talk about the book, but it was one of the things I wanted for my hero – for him to grow up in a place steeped in literature, from Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights to Bram Stoker’s Dracula, two of my favorite books.

I wanted him to grow up as a sheep farmer’s son, grounded in family and hard work. I wanted a hero who was introspective, who loved taking walks along the Dales and appreciated nature. One day, I’d like to be the one to experience it all, too.

What about you? What’s on your bucket list?