Falling for Jordan #TeaserTuesday

The sidewalks aren’t crowded at this time of the morning and I like it. Piper probably thinks it’s one of our leisurely walks, although this time, there’s no elevator ride up to the High Line where I walk all the way to the end of the line and back. Sometimes I find an empty bench and read a book while she naps in her stroller or peruse the art at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

“It’s a beautiful day,” Jordan says, breaking the silence between us after we emerge from the subway, coming up the stairs with me carrying the baby carrier and him, the stroller.

“Yep, a beautiful day for a DNA test.” The words come out before I can stop them and he rewards me with an annoyed glare. I don’t know why I’m being snarky other than I’m nervous. “I’m sorry. This is all so new to me.”

“And you think that it isn’t for me?” His frown is replaced with a smile when Piper gurgles at him after I set the carrier back in the stroller.

“I’m sorry.”

“That’s alright. I understand we’re both stressed right now,” he says. “How long before we find out?”

“Three days. And from there, based on the results, either your life will change or it won’t.”

“Addy, my life changed when you told me that Piper’s mine. And honestly, I believe you,” he says. “I do have to tell my family.”

My heart skips a beat. I knew it! He has a family. A girlfriend and maybe kids. Just because he said he wasn’t married or isn’t wearing a ring didn’t mean he didn’t have kids.


Falling For Jordan


Some one-night stands are just that: one-night stands…

But for transplant physician Addison Rowe, it means a baby nine months later and a story she’s stuck to about being a single mother. By choice.

Besides, after last year’s scandal involving her colleague, Dr. Harlow James, Addison’s got a professional reputation to protect.

But when her one-night hookup returns home after a year spent building schools in Southeast Asia, she’ll need to decide whether sticking to her story to maintain her reputation is more important than accepting the truth and maybe even finding true love.


Coming Soon: Falling for Jordan

Say hi to Addison, Jordan, and baby Piper!

This is the stock photo I absolutely fell in love with and had to write a story for.  That image is on two other book covers but I DON’T CARE.  Well, maybe I will when it’s closer to release day but I freaking LOVE that baby!  And did I say that her name is Piper?  And her mom is Addison Rowe, as in Dr. Rowe from Everything She Ever Wanted, the transplant physician who happens to be part of Harlow’s group practice.

I had first published (for preorder) it on Pronoun last month but the word “placeholder” triggered something so they couldn’t publish it until I replaced the file.  Here’s hoping the second try will go through.


“You can send him in.”

Kathy hesitates, her brow furrowing as she studies me for a few moments. “Okay. Just holler if you need me.”

“Give me five minutes before you do, though.” I get up from my desk and shut the door behind her. My heart is pounding, and I’m shaking. Why is he here, and why now? I sent him those text messages a year ago; not too many that it would make it appear that I was stalking him, and not too few to make it appear like I didn’t care. Just two messages asking if we could meet and talk.

Addison: Can we meet over coffee?

His answer was brief—and two weeks late.

Jordan: I can’t right now. What is this about?

Addison: I can’t say it over the phone but I need to talk to you.

He never answered after that. And I didn’t follow it up with anything else. If he didn’t want to know, then he didn’t deserve to.

I check my reflection in the mirror, smoothing my brown hair with my fingers. My makeup is simple, just a light foundation and a dusting of powder so I don’t look too plain. Light eyeshadow and mascara and little liner. These days, I don’t have time to play makeup like I used to. My schedule is crazy enough as it is.

I press my lips together, noting the lines that have begun to form along the corners. Damn laugh lines. I’m only 32-years-old, for crying out loud, although I do take care of myself the best I can despite my crazy schedule. Monthly massages and facials though I do my nails myself. Just to be sure, I check my cuticles.

Stop it, Addison. This isn’t why he’s seeing you.

I take a deep breath and open the door just as Kathy lets a tall man with cropped strawberry blond hair into the back office. He’s more handsome than I remember him, with deep blue eyes and a kind smile. Stubble lines his wide jaw. With his broad chest and shoulders and defined thighs, he’s clearly spent a lot of time at the gym. Is that why he never bothered to answer my text messages? Too busy working out?