About Liz

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Short Version

Though Liz majored in Journalism in college, she discovered that she preferred writing fictional stories and poetry over news and ad copy.  She currently lives in Los Angeles and when she’s not listening to her Muses, she’s drinking coffee and stepping over her son’s Legos all over the place.

Rambling Version…

I’ve been writing since I was about eleven or twelve, back when I played with paper dolls and then later when I fell in love with anime cartoons and wrote and drew their stories. By eighth grade, I evolved and wrote my first steamy serial in eighth grade which almost got me suspended from school. In exchange for the principal not calling my parents, I had to make amends by joining the Poetry Club after school and find another way to channel all my teen angst. Up until then, I didn’t much care for poetry but I ended up loving it.

I’ve been writing on and off since, dabbled in self-publishing back in 2000 when self-publishing wasn’t even a word although one could have thousands of books stashed in their garage for a fee via vanity publishers. Thank goodness I was too broke then to take that route and instead, I shelved all my stories and decided to just focus on building my massage practice—which I did and while I no longer run a full-time practice, I still see long-time clients once a week (it gets me out of the house).

I started writing again in 2012 and published my first novel, Finding Sam in November 2014. Although most readers have met me through Dax and Harlow from Everything She Ever Wanted which was published in 2016, nothing makes me happier than knowing my stories and my characters touch people.

So that’s the long version… in case you’re still reading.