Love in Taos Series

A year-long series of stories set in Taos, New Mexico (and surrounding areas) featuring your favorite characters, old and new—from Dax and Harlow, Sarah and Benny, Sawyer and Alma, Gabe, Todd, Daniel, Nana and more.

VALENTINE’S DAY – Sarah and Benny

In his quest for advancement in his career, Benny Turner finds himself in Minnesota with the prospect of being transferred there permanently. Realizing he has put his family’s needs second to his career, he decides to change things beginning with time off to spend Valentine’s Day with his partner Sarah Drexel. And while he’s working on that, maybe it’s time to make their partnership permanent with the addition of a marriage proposal.

But with Sarah having warned him so long ago not to propose marriage to her until he’s got his priorities straight (i.e. his family first, not his career), is Benny really sure he’s willing to set everything aside for love? Can he get her to say yes to a life spent with him forever?

(He will apply for a job that will keep him permanently working in Taos and be with her and Dyami.)

Navajo terms Benny will use: Shijéí Naa Nish’aah (I Give You My Heart) and shikąʼ is a private, joking in the bedroom, “my man”. shiʼáád is the same for “my woman”

ST. PATRICK’S DAY – Jordan and Addison (without Piper) come to visit and rent their own Earthship

Except for a year abroad, Jordan has always spent St. Patrick’s Day in New York City with family and friends. But when Harlow and Dax invite them to visit Taos, he figures it’s the perfect time to reconnect with Addison and get away from all the stress and preparations for their upcoming wedding in two weeks. 

EASTER – Sawyer and Alma going to LA to celebrate Drew’s life and also reconnect with his parents.


MEMORIAL DAY – Gabe and new heroine he met in Vegas