Meet Bryce #teasertuesday

In two days, ONE MORE CHANCE goes live and I have to admit, writing Bryce Holden, Jr. turned out to be a lot more fun than I thought. He’s arrogant and spoiled but he’s also got a soft spot for his new-to-him assistant Giana Avila (she’s actually been working right under his nose for a year but he’s so full of himself he never even noticed).

While he’s not likable the way I just wrote him, he did grow on the page and I actually hated having to say goodbye so soon. I could have kept on writing but because of deadlines, I had to stop—which is a good thing because I’ve got three more books to write!

In the meantime, here’s a little teaser of One More Chance from Bryce’s point-of-view:

I peer over her shoulder as she resumes drafting. While I’m no expert in sustainable architecture, I know enough to recognize how deliberate she’s being with her design. Ever since my father let go of a few long-time employees last year due to subpar work that led to the firm losing two accounts, the new crop of architects he’s brought in like Giana are hungrier and less likely to commit the same mistakes.

I clear my throat. “If there’s anything I can do to assist you, don’t hesitate to ask.” 

“Sure,” she says, barely looking up from her work. 

I’m not quite sure whether or not to be offended for not being given the attention I usually get from the employees but I can’t blame her. I’m going to get the credit for all her hard work no matter what she thinks of me. But I also can’t stand here all day peering over her shoulder. 

“Anyway, I’ll be at my office if you need anything.”

Inside my office, I plop myself down in my chair before sneaking another glance at my new assistant. There’s something about her that has me a bit smitten, a feeling made worse by the fact that she hasn’t even give me a second glance like most women would have done. She probably knows better than to get herself involved with the likes of me. 

Now that’s beauty and brains.

One More Chance goes live on June 16 and is the second book in the Craving Hearts small town series. It’s a Fake Relationship Small Town Romance that’s more sweet than steamy as I return to my roots, in a way. While I enjoy writing steamy romances, I do like me some sweet romance, too, with a just a bit of heat.

Grab your copy from all major retailers here.

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