A Book Review: Dirty Bombs

It’s been forever and a day since I’ve blogged but I’m back!

I’m not going to bore you with the stuff that’s been going on with me other than I submitted two stories to two charity anthologies this morning which makes for the first 2 wins for 2022! Now I have to tackle the next 5 books in my To-Do file which means I’ll be in hiding inside the writing cave again.

… but not before I share one of my latest reads this past weekend.

It’s belated but congratulations to Dacia Arnold for her latest horror release, Dirty Bombs!

Here’s a quick overview of Dirty Bombs without giving anything away:

Army Staff Sergeant Miranda St. Clair is not having a good day.

Her husband could be having an affair back in the States and the enemy just launched a mortar attack on the base she’s stationed in, killing her roommate instantly.

As if things weren’t bad enough, zombies are suddenly everywhere (case #1: her roommate).

But Miranda isn’t one to give up so easily. She’s going to make it back home to see her 18-month-old daughter no matter what, and she’ll do everything humanly possible to get on the last transport out of hell.

I picked this novella up last Friday and read it during the weekend and can I say this was a really fast-paced hells-yeah-you-go-Mom-you read. Arnold kept me on the edge of my seat throughout with her no-nonsense heroine Miranda St. Clair. She’s definitely a heroine I’d like by my side if I want to make it through a zombie invasion (barring other things we can’t control and all…).

What about you? What’s your latest read?

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