Back at Work

I probably have about five versions of this blog post in my dashboard right now, each one varying in themes depending on the day. Today, I’m writing this and posting it because it will be my way of getting back to work.

I basically took time off for about two months, maybe three. It started with me stepping away from social media, not posting or scheduling any more memes or sayings and whatnot. Maybe it’s career suicide (my readers will forget me!) or maybe it’s not (oh, don’t be so dramatic, life goes on). But whatever the reason, life seemed less stressful with every step I took away from social media.

It didn’t help that my MIL had a stroke in August and with it, the emotional toll of mounting family drama surrounding her hopeful recovery and the state of her estate that finally rose to the surface after her death this month after spending three weeks in hospice. It’s easy to lose yourself in the fallout that follows.

There’s only one problem: there’s still work to be done and whatever happens, life goes on. And whether or not I like it, social media is part of our lives. It’s part of an author’s life as well.

So after losing myself in the company of (non-romance author) creators* who showed me that in the end, it’s still the work that matters, I’m back to writing the next book. And the next. And the next. I’m finally creating again.

I’m back at work.

*Hank Miller is one of the creators I’ve been lucky to discover during my two month break. If you’ve ever wondered what the heck erotic audio (and comfort audio and roleplays) is, let him show you.

5 Comments on “Back at Work

  1. I think coming and going is as normal a phase in any life as it is for the moon. Waxing and Waning, resting and pushing through, the flow as undeniable as the tide rising and falling. Glad you are back in the building stage!

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    • True. Funny how it took that “breakup” to snap me out of my resting phase though. I think I just write better when I’m brokenhearted LOL even if the broken heart part is not really “real” but something in my creative makeup thinks it is and pushes the muse out to play (finally!).

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      • I write when I’m stressed than when I’m not. I am trying to moderate that and write regularly instead of when I can’t think of anything else to do.

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      • I know I write my poetry when I’m stressed more than when I’m not unless there’s a prompt that resonates with me. But stories are tricky. I can’t write them when I’m stressed although a deadline can be an incentive. Like right now LOL

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      • Haha, I wouldn’t do well with a deadline but I stressful times make me wish I was writing full time and then I really push myself. I’m happier now, just starting with smaller goals, writing everyday, making my writing spot etc.


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