OmmWriter: When All You Want To Do is Write

Hope I don’t jinx myself but I’m finally writing again!

Like, really writing.

Yesterday I wrote about 3500 words and as long as I don’t start doubting myself after my coffee, I’m aiming to write 3k more words today, continuing with the same goal every day until I get the book done.

I’ve also begun using a cool writing app called OmmWriter Gaia. I bought this when it first came out years ago as OmmWriter Dana and loved it! But something happened – either it stopped working on my old MacBook and other apps filled the gap it left behind. But after my Ulysses app gave me this same message about not being able to save my current work for whatever reason, I copied the whole chapter intending to keep it somewhere safe (in case Ulysses really couldn’t save the initial 1,000 words) and opened OmmWriter.

And I sure am glad I did. OmmWriter has everything in one app that I normally would have to assemble from two or three other apps.


  1. Pleasant writing background – there are at least 6 or 7 to choose from
  2. Distraction free – Once you open the app, all the other apps disappear.
  3. Focus Music or Ambient Sounds – I normally would have either Calm, Portal, or myNoise apps playing in the background for this.
  4. Keyboard sounds – From keyboard taps to little boops, my favorite is the keyboard one.
  5. Save function – Save as txt or pdf. I’ve only ever used the .omm or .txt files though since I also write in Markdown which OmmWriter is perfect for.

Overall relaxing feel that encourages creativity to bloom – Maybe it’s me missing the music I used to play during my massage sessions, but I miss the overall calm that writing gave me. In my head even while writing, I worry about deadlines, advertising, marketing, writing mistakes, did I use dialogue tags so much? Is my hero alpha enough and am I hitting all the beats?

I’m not saying that OmmWriter Gaia is the answer to all my questions about craft and sales and life’s angst, but it sure helps get the job of writing done while leaving me relaxed and feeling accomplished.

If you’ve never tried OmmWriter, definitely check out their website where you can give the app a spin right there on the website. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles of apps like Ulysses and Scrivener but maybe that’s my problem.

It’s not all the bells and whistles, writing and social media apps, advertising courses from so-called gurus that I need.

All I really need is to write.

8 Comments on “OmmWriter: When All You Want To Do is Write

    • I wish it were that simple. One day I’m writing happily in the Ommwriter app and the next morning, I don’t remember what I wrote to continue it and then I start over. This book is seriously challenging me not to finish it and I know it’s because subconsciously, I know there’s a contract I signed and a real deadline. So I try another app to see if the novelty will power me through until the very end. The last two days, I didn’t open Ommwriter to continue writing. I wrote using another app and tonight, it’s back to the OmmWriter again because I need those words. Dang hero is elusive as hell and the heroine doesn’t seem to want to be in the story at all LOL

      Somewhere along the way, I messed up with the auditions of who among those characters hanging out in Liz’s Bar was going to be the star of this one…

      Liked by 1 person

      • It’s coming back. I’m starting to get a little excited. We are doing well. I guess I should blog a bit about our pandemic experience, I like reading what others are doing. Sunflowers and gardening, etc…


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