A Non-Writerly Update: Sunflowers!

The first time we grew sunflowers in our yard, the squirrel got to every single one of them before I could take pictures. He’d jump on the roof and launch himself on the sunflower and eat all the seeds. While I didn’t mind it (too much), it bummed me out that I never got to take pictures of them first.

So this year, we decided to plant the sunflowers in the front yard away from the pine tree he calls home. I’m sure the squirrel in residence is no longer the same guy but probably one of his kids but we weren’t taking any chances.

The sunflowers have been blooming all week but it’s been HOT (in the 90s some days) and by the time I’d go out there, it was just too bright to take my pictures.

But I lucked out this morning and managed to snap a few pictures before the sun got too hot and so these pictures don’t need a filter. There were two other sunflowers opposite these two large ones but the background (cars) wasn’t as pretty as the fence separating our house from the apartment next door.

Considering how my deadlines are all whizzing past me, I really should be writing but it’s nice to take time out to enjoy the roses and sunflowers now and then, harvest cherry and beefsteak tomatoes, and eggplants I don’t know what to do with, and try to keep busy at home. I’ve been tempted to take the kid to the beach but hubby isn’t too thrilled at the idea with infection rates reportedly on the rise again especially here in California.

To further procrastinate from writing, I have been reading, and even watching a few TV shows like CBS Seal Team and early episodes of Hoarders which I’d never watched before. Have you guys watched Hoarders? Most of the time, my jaw just hangs open whenever I watch an episode and then I end up on a de-cluttering spree afterward. It’s just mind-boggling sometimes… actually, every time.

What about you? How’s summer treating you?



3 Comments on “A Non-Writerly Update: Sunflowers!

  1. Our pool was 95 degrees for over a week! However we’ve had some rain and cooling so it is much cooler now. It for a while it was a big bathtub! Stay safe! Nice to see you post!

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    • Oh wow! I never even thought a pool would be that hot in the summer but it makes sense. It was in the 90s last week and man, it was hot inside the house but hotter outside lol

      I do wish we had a pool though because my kid loves being in the water. I bought a pool pass for him and me to use this summer but with the lockdown in effect again, teaching him how to swim again is not happening anytime soon.

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      • Up here that type of temperature almost never happens, but I haven’t even had to run the heater. Today it’s a cool 89 in the pool and I have to run it to keep it there. It is on for maybe 10 minutes every hour. lol. My Queen and I do like warmer water. However 95 was too hot!


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