Pucker Up! #NationalKissingDay


A little birdie told me that today is National Kissing Day! As if we need a special day just for kissing, eh? But considering this whole pandemic going on, it’s nice to have a little distraction. If anything, maybe we’ll learn something new about kissing!

  • Kissing moves as many as 34 muscles in the face and 112 postural muscles!
  • A passionate kiss burns 6.4 calories per minute
  • The longest kiss clocked at 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds in 2013
  • According to neuroscientist Onur Güntürkün who people-watched people kissing for two-and-a-half years, he determined that twice as many people turn their head to the right than to the left when they kiss
  • An average kiss lasts more than 12 seconds
  • With the exchange of saliva during kissing, there go exchange of bacteria – which can help strengthen the immune system!
  • Speaking of exchanging spit – men’s saliva contains the sex hormone testosterone which triggers libido!
  • In ancient Rome, a public kiss pretty much sealed the legal contract between couples during the marriage ceremony
  • Kissing is practiced in 90% of the world population

Pretty interesting, huh?

Before I go and hit my daily goal of writing 1500 words today, here’s one of my favorite kissing scenes from one of my favorite movies!


4 Comments on “Pucker Up! #NationalKissingDay

    • Love that line, too! John Hughes just understood teens and knew exactly how to translate our angst on the page and screen.

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  1. I liked this movie though I haven’t seen it in forever. But the clip was fun! Sending you kisses—seeing as it’s national kiss day! lol


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