Breaking the Rules is FREE Today

Today and Armed Forces Day here in the US and to celebrate those serving in the Armed Forces, Breaking the Rules is free to download. Breaking the Rules is a friends-to-lovers romance that also deals with the tough subjects of combat-related post-traumatic stress and veteran suicide so do take that into consideration before reading. But while it touches on those themes, it’s a romance in its very core, a story about hope, love, and family. It also brings you back to Taos, New Mexico where a Different Kind of Love series started!

Here are a few of the reviews, including my favorite from CarlyQ! Miss you, girl!

“I love Liz Durano’s real romance style of writing. I love her imperfect characters and how beautifully alive her locations feel. I’ve never been to Taos but someday when I go I’ll feel like I’m coming home. Loved the book!” – Carly Quinn, author of Solitude and Kawaipuna Cottage

Breaking All the Rules addresses the issue of PTSD and its impact on returned servicemen and women and their families. Liz illustrates, without judgement, the difficulties of dealing with trauma and the impact of suicide on families and communities. Her eloquence and compassion is evident throughout this story.” – Mahalia, Amazon review

“What a roller coaster ride of emotions. This book had it all. Romance, heartbreak, dealing with the side effects of PTSD & finding a way to cope, survive & come out stronger on the other side.” –Andi, Amazon review

“It’s a story filled with love, deep issues, heartache, regret and second chances and I loved every minute!” – Sheridan, Goodreads review

“I was completely hooked on this story from the first page. Sawyer and Alma are so real in their emotions and actions. They are flawed but they are working hard to be the best version of themselves they can be. Great book!!” –Ellen, Goodreads review

You can also read it in Kindle Unlimited. If you don’t have Kindle Unlimited, try it out for free here.


8 thoughts on “Breaking the Rules is FREE Today

    1. I haven’t spoken to her in a few weeks but I need to nudge her again. Which reminds me, I need to work on a book cover for her LOL

      It does feel good to resume writing again although these days, I’m building up the timeline of my series because my ages are all wrong! My readers are pointing them out since some of my characters never seem to age yet some seem to age backward between books LOL So now I’m working with this program called Aeon TImeline and it’s amazing. I spent all day on it yesterday and now have to figure out birthdays for everyone so it keeps track of all their ages no matter which book in the series they appear. So…. what’s your sign?

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      1. Yes, so out of the blue and the perfect pickup line, don’t you think???

        I need signs because in creating a timeline for my books, I need to give my characters birthdays! I like the strong like the bull part although I think we’re all kinda full of it, too LOL

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      2. Belated Happy Birthday to you! You’re either an April baby or a May baby – I’m a Gemini so my birthday’s coming up!

        Speaking of research, I’ll be doing that pretty soon!

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