Here We Go: The Weekend Edition

What strange times we live in, eh?

Today, LilDude’s school district announced that they would be closed for five weeks. Then hubby came home with a bad cough and later told me that he’s been experiencing aches and pains in the last week or so but chalked it up to all the painting he was doing in the front house which we need to get rented out.

I’ve canceled LilDude’s therapies which either had people coming to the house or us going to a park for social skills. I’ve already stopped his boxing classes at the beginning of the month and will have him practice his jabs at home instead since we have a Quiet Punch unit and they have weekly workouts through their app.

Yesterday, my brother’s co-worker failed to show up at work and so he had to work on his day off. But he kept trying to get a hold of his coworker who had moved to a new apartment but didn’t share the address with anyone. Luckily, he found a phone number of one of her friends and they knew where she now lived. Turns out the coworker had suffered a stroke and had been on the floor of her new apartment for at least five to six hours before her friend came and called paramedics. She suffered extensive brain bleed and no longer has higher level functioning. Her daughter flew in to be with her but the building management won’t let her into her mother’s apartment unless she has power of attorney which her mother didn’t have. So now my brother tells me we need to have power of attorney forms in addition to our living wills, something we never even thought to do.

I called my mother today to ask her how she’s doing (all stocked up and prepped to the gills they can barely move around their studio apartment) and she couldn’t stop talking about some publishing company called Triumph books that sends out books about the Revelations for free. She even signed me up to receive the books and the newsletter without my consent because didn’t I know that the Vatican is behind so many crimes throughout history and “how can you still follow your religion after learning that?”

I can only pick so many battles and hills to die on and the Vatican wasn’t one of them but at least, I got to talk to her and let her know I was thinking of her during these crazy times.

After all, we’re living in wild and crazy times where people are fighting over toilet paper and racing along Costco’s aisles to be the first to grab 2 cases of water before the store runs out by midday. Today, my local food store was suddenly packed with people shopping for everything – not a single pound of ground turkey or chicken left on the racks (I went to get Italian sausage for spaghetti tonight and that was all gone). The woman behind me in line drove from 40 miles away because she said their local stores had no toilet paper or paper towels left and she needed them for their church services this weekend. When she heard the little beach town I live in still had them, she got in her car immediately.

It made me wonder if we have everything we need and I think we’re okay for the next two weeks. Tomorrow I’m going to be writing the possible menu choices available so LilDude knows what’s up. He’s such a picky eater but during times like these, he has to learn to eat what’s there. I also need to teach him not to be wasteful because he is. It’s strange to see kids these days getting everything they want and having so much of whatever they want that they don’t think twice about wasting that half bottle of water or bowl of food. I’m now in that stage of life where a lot of what I say starts with, “when I was your age…” only to see it land on deaf ears.

On the writing front, I’m writing a different book for now and when it’s done, I’m simply publishing it and the rest of the books without fanfare. No cover reveal and all that jazz. Hell, I’ve even given up on Instagram because there are really only so many hours of the day. I can really only do so much and keep a calm head about me with everything going around.

What about you? How’s your weekend going?

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Romance me writes stories with happy endings while my naughty pen writes the naughty ones. I also accidentally step on Legos daily while balancing my cup of tea and biscuits.

2 thoughts on “Here We Go: The Weekend Edition

    1. Same here, too, and hubby said he saw three people already lining up outside the store at 6:45 this morning. And my friend in another city over said there’s hardly anything for her to buy for her and her kid every time she goes.

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