Twelve New Chapters Ahead

Can you believe it? This decade ends today and tomorrow is the beginning of a new one! Even LilDude said his first decade is over and I’m like, when did you grow up all of a sudden?

Twelve new chapters. 365 new pages.


In my case, I’m splitting those twelve chapters into quarters which makes it more manageable for me. Short term goals for now as I start over in many ways. No resolutions. Just intentions.

Write. Prioritize. Be Present. 

Write. I want to get back to writing again, for the pure love of storytelling, not to create a masterpiece but just to tell the story to anyone who wants to hear it. And while I’m at it, enjoy the process again.

Prioritize. This has to do with what I value in my life at the moment. My sons. LilDude’s growth into the young man he’s going to be. My brothers. My mother’s health. My time. My health.

Be Present. Enjoy the moment and stop worrying. Right now, LilDude is enjoying the $2 whoopie cushion I got him from the feed store and I have to remind myself to be present in the pure joy he gets from that small and farty thing. Being present also means knowing my limitations. What I can do with the time I really have and not over-commit myself because I’m too busy trying to do what everyone is doing instead of honoring myself and doing what I can do. Being present also means standing up for myself and not set myself aside for others’ comfort like I did with a friend this year.

Write. Prioritize. Be Present. 

Yes. Yes. And yes.

12 new chapters. 365 new pages to fill with experiences and lessons and stories.

Here’s to a good year ahead for us all.



Published by Liz

Romance me writes stories with happy endings while my naughty pen writes the naughty ones. I also accidentally step on Legos daily while balancing my cup of tea and biscuits.

11 thoughts on “Twelve New Chapters Ahead

  1. Happy New Year Liz!! Your post shows some great thought. Follow through and you will have a happier year—and more productive too!! I really enjoyed “Other Side of Love”. So I’m hoping to read some more Liz Durango this year!!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading Other Side of Love, Michael! Yes, there’s a sequel and it’s probably gonna come out in March! I hope you and your queen had a wonderful NYE celebration and a relaxing New Year’s Day!

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      1. I’m already almost two books past it—so details are getting hazy, but I want to see the doctor from NY get his! lol


  2. I envy your dedication, I had a few RL hiccups in the last few years, my muse 🙄 buggered off and left me floundering, but just started a new wee thing on Dreamer, not too sure about it, but we’ll see. Its contemporary, so research is lot less involved. Hummm think that may be an advantage?
    Also got a ton of catch-up reading to be done too!!!!!!!!

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    1. Contemporary is an advantage! that’s why my Old Manila era historical romantic suspense is shelved because of historical stuff. I needed to get everything right and I might end up making it a historical paranormal instead so I can create my own world and borrow liberally. Who knows? But I’m glad you’re writing again! Maybe we can do aa anthology of stories this year. We’ll just need to plan ahead!


      1. I loved that one, got quite into it! But you do have be do careful cos some bright spark will always call you out on someone doing up buttons in 1250, when EVERYONE knows they weren’t around till 1412! 🙄
        Building your own is even better!


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