Some Me Time and The Good Liar

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Today I finally got some “me” time. This after my “me” time yesterday was ruined by H saying he had to be at his mother’s house at 1 to help them clean-whatever-room-that-needed-to-be-cleaned-flip-their-mattress-I-have-no-clue and would I keep an eye on the kid instead for the whole afternoon?

Reluctantly I did, taking him with me an hour before H was supposed to leave to my NaNoWriMo Write-in at the library only to end it an hour later because the kid got all sugared up from all the cookies and I had to take him on a hike afterward. I barely even wrote a single paragraph because half the time I kept getting up every time he got up to go to the bathroom (four times) or into the library to find a book (he found two).

Who can blame the kid? There’s really nothing fun about being in a room full of strangers just sitting there typing out their stories, right? I mean, he did try.

When LilDude said he wanted to stop by his grandparents’ house afterward, I found out that H didn’t even show up at all. H then figured that take-out of my favorite Thai Chicken pizza would do to calm me down. H swears he called his parents and they didn’t answer and so… he found himself with an afternoon off.

Good for him.

So last night I bought myself a ticket to see The Good Liar starring Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen. I didn’t care if I was buying a single ticket for this morning’s first showing. I didn’t go through my friends list to see if anyone would come with me. I didn’t even consider it.

I just needed ME time. Uninterrupted at that.

It almost didn’t happen.

After H woke up late and wanted to go out and get his coffee before I left and have Siri direct me to the wrong location for ten straight minutes as the showing time came and went, I almost missed seeing it.

But I finally did see THE GOOD LIAR, thanks to the last ten minutes of trailers that were playing. Come to think of it, it was also my first movie this year.

Yes, you read that right. My first movie. This. Year.

And you know what? It was glorious.

If you ever get the chance to see a movie this week, make it THE GOOD LIAR. The storytelling is impeccable and Mirren and McKellen were just amazing. And boy, do I miss seeing movies like this. I miss it I miss it I miss it.

I also miss enjoying my own time again, reclaiming it instead of constantly giving it away without realizing I’m running on empty or worse, borrowing time from tomorrow.

But when you really think about it. All I had to do yesterday and today was say no. I really need to have to tattoo the word NO on my arm so I’ll see it every single day.

Anyway, I hope you’re having a great weekend.

And go see THE GOOD LIAR.


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