Hold Up! Look Who’s Got a New Book Coming Out in Four Days!

Photo collage for Other Side of Love Novel

Yup, that’s me!

Other Side of Love is finally uploaded and waiting for release day on November 12! It’s also available on most platforms (iBooks, Amazon, Nook, and Kobo) and all you have to do is select the retailer when you click this link to preorder.

As some of you reading this blog know, I’ve been dealing with some pretty dark stuff that affected my creativity and my peace of mind. For the past seven months, I didn’t realize how deep I was processing a friend’s decision to do something that went against everything I believed in until I realized I had to stop listening (and not saying anything) to doing something about it. And that’s exactly what I did. It resulted in the end of our friendship and me walking away completely. Nineteen years of friendship gone.

I should be sad and in a way, I was. But after that moment passed, I looked at the lessons learned for that experience taught me many things.

It taught me to reclaim my time and my life and my peace of mind. My conscience, most of all. It taught me to accept that I did everything I could at the expense of my emotional and physical health but also to accept the outcome, good or bad.

It was a huge lesson and one I’m not going to forget. It means me guarding my personal space, physical, emotional, spiritual from this moment forward. It means standing up for what I believe in and no longer questioning my gut feeling day in and day out. It means trusting myself and ridding myself of toxic energy and people, even if they happen to be a “best” friend. It means knowing it’s okay to say no and walk away.

It means finally taking care of myself and the ones I love.

So… TLDR; I’m back and I’ve got a new book coming out in four days! And boy, am I excited!

How about you? How’s your day going?


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6 thoughts on “Hold Up! Look Who’s Got a New Book Coming Out in Four Days!

    1. Thank you! It feels weird to feel so “free” all of a sudden, no longer burdened by her insistence that I should know of her “plans.” I never realized how burdened I completely was until I had to stand up for myself, even if it meant ending our friendship. But like they say, hindsight is 20/20.

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  1. I’m pleased that you came to this realization. And that you had the strength to sever ties and that you feel so much healthier as a result. It’s hard to move from toxicity but it will be so much better in the long run!
    Perhaps your “friend” will come to the realization that she was moving in a negative direction and will reflect on change as a result of your actions.
    Regardless, you are in a better place and hopefully will find writing easier and a pleasure once again.
    Congratulations on your new book! May it be your biggest success!!

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    1. Thank you so much, Michael. I had no idea how in the dark I’ve been since March. Losing her friendship brought the light back in and I no longer feel any guilt for learning of her secret plan or stepping away from our friendship of 19 years. It certainly taught me to take care of myself first.

      I actually don’t have any promotions in place for my latest release. I’m just ecstatic that I can write again and so commercial/financial success or not, I’m just so so happy to be back in the game and doing what I love. It honestly feels like I stepped out of tunnel that I was stuck in for 7 months.

      I hope you and your Queen are doing well!

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  2. I promise your books are the only ones I enjoy reading. You take me into a life of someone I want to know. It’s like reading (or binge watching) my favorite season of a show I love to watch.
    I’m truly proud of you for reclaiming your power and taking back the life you are supposed to have. Congrats on the new book 💖

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