Musings Over Coffee: Spirit of the Wild Horse

I’m on Facebook reading a post by Judy Barnes who runs Spirit of the Wild Horse in Northern New Mexico and feeling heartbroken. She provides water for American mustangs who go to her ranch for water and right now, she’s got none at all. She relies on donations to replenish water for the horses who end up having to cross a busy highway to go to a ranch that has water and risk getting captured and slaughtered. Given that the Bureau of Land Management is culling the herds to take back land for cattle and gas or oil leases, Judy does what she can given that her ranch is in the perfect place to offer the horses water. She is an advocate for the wild horses, the same horses that BLM has sold for $10 each to individuals who then truck them to Mexico for slaughter. You can read more on Judy’s website.

Judy relies on donations to make sure the troughs are filled for the hundreds of horses who come. In the winter, she gets them hay. If you follow her on Facebook or her website, she talks about each of the horses and knows them by sight.

I donate each month to Spirit of the Wild Horse but she needs more to provide water for the horses every day. All donations are tax-deductible. So if you can spare a few dollars, please head on over to her website and donate, even if it’s a little bit. Every dollar counts. You can make a one-time donation or monthly, which is what I do.

Taos News recently did an article about her and her mission to save the wild horses and you can read it here.

Mikey and Troy – image by Judy Barnes
Bolt – image by Judy Barnes


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2 thoughts on “Musings Over Coffee: Spirit of the Wild Horse

  1. Something I was totally unaware of. So very sad. This woman is doing good things. I will go to her website and make a donation. Stay well.

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    1. Yes, she certainly is. I think her ranch happens to be right where the horses travel through to get to the other side of the highway and so she does what she can. She did establish a nonprofit and so all donations are tax-deductible. It’s amazing how something we often take for granted that pours out of our faucets is scarce in many parts of the country. And sadder still that many people don’t value the wild horses that have been here for hundreds of years.

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